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Good Place for Black Americans

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Good Place for Black Americans

Post by zacb » April 22nd, 2013, 3:16 pm ... -blacks#31

Not trying to stir the pot, but if I were black, I would look into this.
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Post by abcdavid01 » April 22nd, 2013, 4:50 pm

The earth it does not lie.
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Post by C.J. » April 22nd, 2013, 6:17 pm

There are many laws of the land that humans used to respect. Back then, it was believed that if you went on foreign soil, did not assimilate and got hunted down by natives, it was YOUR fault. You shouldn't have been there!

I liked one of the things that US president Lincoln said, where he basically told black people to go where they can prosper, not where they're being oppressed.

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Post by DigitalNomad » May 1st, 2013, 1:32 pm

Don't waste your time, there is no "country for black people" not a one (not yet).. the white girls might like you, but their brothers/fathers/uncles will have nothing but disdain for you there and mostly want to take from your energy.

While at the same time, having nothing but jealousy/envy in their hearts at the natural ability you have at taking their women, rhythem and potent sexuality/athleticism in general. If you be of the educated sort, all the worst as that is another "one up" you have over them.

Watch Video:

And the first part of this is a lie, because there is a difference between navigating Moorish brown skinned (real vikings) from (Mesopotamian/middle east) and Hamitic African brown skinned peoples. Moorish navigators traveled the world after many left the middle east during the time of the roman rule in 70 AD and occupation. Moorish/Hebrew man that where once "hebrew/torah" beliving began, later to take on the religions of islam with the rule of muhammed in the 7th century (600 years after "christ"), they got off into King solomon's beliefs after the scrolls where descovered and "masontry" was born with the knights templars/rosucrucians belifes. The moors shared in just about all of these beliefs and took over europe. ... led+europe

Around 300 AD to the 1700AD the "dark ages" moorish men ruled all of europe, to INCLUDE russia (what the european man doesn't want to hear or repeat or to learn about) ... led+europe

If(Out)formation that is coming from books/statues/art that a select few prints made in other languages and english (many europeans were killed for reveliing the truth) that can be found in any library around the world. This is all explained on the 90 degrees of masontry (there are more than 33!) and how the govt work with the fallen beings "satan" in order to keep confusion over this part of the people that would return "worship" back to a God that Satan hates. Wichcraft and Satanic Worship are at these levels explain as to why the worship of satan is important for the european who would want to stay on the thrown of the earth (rome) if you will. Or else the world would be ruled by the brown skinned moors of the earth once again.

But I digress, back to the video of Liberia:

2 different nations and race of people. They paint the "American born" as if he was a Moorish brown from America. No he is Hamitic and just went to school in America and back to his people.

"Negros" as they called it on slave papers where defeated moors that now where mixed in with "Africans" from Africa.

Dispel the lies.

2 nations, the hametic nation worked with the Europeans (rome) to help participate in slavery and the economics of it. They sold there own and the native "Indians" and "Moorish nations" (remember the ones that once ruled Europe/Spain?). Not only had a pack with George Washington but where the first "presidents" of the land.

Like the "thanksgiving" massacre Rome/new world planned for the natives, they double crossed the "moors" as well. Took over their "masonic" beliefs as their own. And began what you now know as the corporation of the united states, built from the slave labor of Moors (freeman/freemasons) and Hamitic Africans given over by their own govt.

Set the record strait, stay out of Africa if your a American "black" brown skinned moorish/isreal/mesopatamian blood man/womwn.

If your roots trace back to "africanus" then you will do well? so have at it.

Not all the brown faces you see in your America go back to the roots of the hametic/african people.. many don't.

Once obama and his drone tamper with the medes (persia)/iran, the TV show that you might watch "Revolution" or OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, will come to pass.

Meaning America will be nuked off the face of the earth. And "moors" will return to power and again you will have your country, no longer to ask "What country is good for blacks" and for whites to predicatively respond "Not this again, do we have to discuss you again?, we hate you" lol

Let the truth out.

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