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People who hit around the Truth without ever getting there

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People who hit around the Truth without ever getting there

Postby Ghost » Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:26 am

Really pisses me off. I was watching some clips of Louis C.K. on youtube, and while I think he is funny (usually) I know that he is just making cynical observations on a post-modern, consumerist, wholly superficial society. If you didn't know who he was but were presented selective bits from his stand-up, you might almost think he was a red pill initiate. But no, he's just a mangina. He's a comedian. Humor is one way to slip the truth past idiots who normally won't question anything about society. Here's the clip that proves it beyond a doubt:


Another piece of evidence that American culture is terminal. We didn't get this far so we could be little manginas. We didn't reproduce by giving in to womens' absurd desires. And here these idiots are, just sitting around laughing at how their own society is speeding into demise. At least C.K. is making money off it. Maybe he just doesn't want to get too close to the truth in his acts because he's afraid of the hatred and threats he would receive. See, his comedy is largely based in the fact that this society is messed up. Hence, he makes cynical observations and that sums up nearly all of his comedy. But here he takes something f***ed up and tries to justify it. f***ing mangina.
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Postby Cornfed » Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:06 am

As Jesus said, you can't serve God and Mammon at the same time.
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Re: People who hit around the Truth without ever getting the

Postby Teal Lantern » Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:32 pm

If he wants to keep his family and paycheck intact, he'd better KEEP being a mangina.

Ghost wrote:We didn't reproduce by giving in to womens' absurd desires.

Sadly, yes we did. And nearly every other animal species, too.
Briffault's Law applies to more than just humans.

не поглеждай назад. 8)

"Even an American judge is unlikely to award child support for imputed children." - FredOnEverything
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Postby momopi » Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:20 pm

It's said that the world has enough to meet everyone's needs, but not everyone's wants. Where pretty young women are concerned, there will never be enough by natural birth for all men who wants, desires, and needs them. Japanese manga artists such as Masamune Shirow, or more recently CLAMP (Chobits) explores a fictional future where such desires are partly meet by female androids. This is not new in the science fiction realm, we simply did not have the technology to make it happen. However that is changing, as our technology advance it will be possible to build more lifelike androids as domestic servants as well as other "needs". We can only speculate the potential impact on society, though I tend to think that the % of people who would indulge in android affections will remain in the minority, not to mention the $ cost.

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