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Max Keiser was wrong about total collapse!

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Post by momopi » May 9th, 2013, 10:36 pm

Winston wrote: Since when has a fearmonger been proven right?
If I were to issue a prediction that the "stock market will crash this year", every year, eventually I will be right, in the year when the stock market does crash.

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Post by Adama » May 9th, 2013, 11:00 pm

Adama wrote:
odbo wrote:the Jews are using their media monopoly, and that includes alternative/online media, to warp people's perception of reality and have them make stupid decisions which the Jews can capitalize on. Check out this video posted yesterday of a "conference".

Nigel Farage, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff and Jim Rogers all in one video, and filmed by SovereignMan. To me that's just proof that SovereignMan aka the "move to Chile" blogger that was posted on here before is yet another shill front. They've got their paws in everything, including the men's rights & PUA movements. Why in god's name would you trust a Schiff anyways? They were one of the primary forces behind the Communist Revolution. How is listening to Max Keiser any different than watching Jim Cramer's Mad Money?

Use your heads. Think, don't just react. Figure out the game and see past the swindles.
So we cant trust anyone, can we? If that is so, then there isnt much hope. I never found anything wrong with Paul's message though. His son Rand Paul is certainly a faux conservative though.

Anyhow, I got that email from Sovereign man as well. Is he a member here? The only problem I have with that teaser video is that he wants you to spend $900 to join his site in order to view it in its entirety. I doubt watching those four guys is worth it.

It might be nice to move to Chile though.

Oh yeah, is Peter Schiff actually descended from THE Schiff family, of the Rothschild clan fame? Or is it just a common Jewish name. I'm gonna go wiki.
I've come to the conclusion that Peter Schiff is of Jewish descent but of no real relation to the Schiffs of Rothschild fame. According to Wiki and Ron Pauls forum, his grandfather was a carpenter who emigrated to the states, and his father is in prison for advising tax evasion. That doesnt sound like a member of the Illumnati.

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Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 10th, 2013, 10:21 pm

Cornfed wrote:Keiser does a great job exposing the outright theft the banksters are indulging in and the general insanity of the financial system. Of course his predictions are going to be subject to error just like the predictions of anyone who is not psychic. The elite will collapse the system whenever they are ready. It must collapse anyway, as its current form is intrinsically unstable, but they can probably keep kicking the can down the road for a few more years if they want to.
Correct.....if anyone thinks there is not going to be a major global financial disruption? Good luck with that.
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Post by Moretorque » May 10th, 2013, 11:07 pm

I had a hard time understanding the system myself since I had believed the propaganda to a degree my whole life. Once you understand communism which is just another name for a dictatorship exclusively based upon the lie period.

It is quit simple actually, they figured out by counterfeiting and not being audited they could rule the world. The other part of the equation which makes it go is the # 79. That is the average IQ of the world populace.
They figured out long ago as a whole this thing be dumb and rather than attempt education they were better off doing the dupe and herd method which is much easier than to educate people who really have no desire to learn but just operate off animal instinct.
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