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Is living abroad safer than living in the US?

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Is living abroad safer than living in the US?

Postby lovelybunny » May 5th, 2013, 6:11 am

The US has the highest incareration and mental illness rate in te world, so is living abroad in a peaceful, more tranquil nation better than here? I think that regardless of your age, living abroad(in a peaceful country) is safer than in the US, right? Here, you have to worry so much about serial killers, rapists, etc. Not saying that's absent elsewhere, but these such people are most rampant in the US. If you live abroad in a more communisty based culture, where everyone knows you on the block, then you might be safer, right? Plus, you can always have roommates or fariends/family living with you to have more added security. In the US, living alone, esp for women, can be a bit dangerous. Since it's a no-man's land country, being stalked or having your home broken into is easier, right? There was a case in 1982 of a man names Charles Rodman campbell, who killed a woman, Renae Wicklund, her daughter and their neighbor by lashing their throats. He sneacked into their homes an slashed their throats. He'd raped Renae earlier in 1972, and was jailed, but got out on the work release program but nobody informed Renae, so he stalked her and snuck in and killed her. She lived in a wooded area in Washington State. Frightening, huh? See:
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Postby Cornfed » May 5th, 2013, 6:28 am

Generally, if you are dependent on the government in Amerika you will be dependent on the government elsewhere. If you are going somewhere else, you need to ask yourself why the authorities there are going to protect you. Generally going abroad massively increases your risk unless you are going to one of the few safe countries or you have people waiting for you who will protect you. I have posted a thread pointing out that several of the young Western men I knew in Cambodia have died. Going abroad isn't necessarily a safe option.
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