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Article on women's shallowness

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Article on women's shallowness

Post by theprimebait » May 8th, 2013, 5:43 pm ... words.html


I used pics from puahate how women give it up easy to handsome men.

so why get married?why work and pay for something another man gets for free?

does sex have any real value these days?if youre not into procreation(you wouldnt be if youre smart)then why have sex?isnt it best to invest in some kind of sexual hormonal blockers?

Isn't that the smartest thing to do then assigning yourself to chasing these creatures?

I think that maybe women from the Amazon or the yucatan Jungle are the only women worth marrying,but most of yall want white women,and it will bite you in the ass.

sorry but eastern european women may give it up easier,but that doesnt mean they arent any less slutty,shallow and manipulative then the modern facebook slut in the west.

and you american guys thinking western european women are anything different to your own women is so stupid.they may give it up easier but that hardly makes them wife material.

white men ruined it for all of us by not keeping a leash on their women.while arabs were stoning adulteresses you guys were writing poems about chivalry.

now all ethnic women want to be sluts like your women,they look up to them and desire their freedom.

every single asian and latina woman wishes she were a blonde blue eyed paris hilton.

anyone that disagrees is deluded to the max.its why even though Im white phenotype and I prefer darker women,I cant be with one because I hate self haters.

Id rather a swedish slut that has some dignity in her self,atleast in that sence.

it used to be normal to beat your wife in my country,now they want ''rights''like your women,and many of you manginas will even interfere if a man beats his wife(fo that you deserved to get shot).you do this with your armies of course.gotta spread that democracy with your bombs.

you call asians Beta,but they know how to treat their women.and keep them in line.

Now I like white guys,and i consider you victims of Jewish feminism but you let it happen.

you let yourselves be screwed over by Jews and f**k everyones women up to be members of male model harems.

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