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Asian guy approached 2,000 girls, got 12 lays

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Post by theprimebait » July 8th, 2013, 1:34 am

SilverEnergy wrote:
theprimebait wrote:
mguy wrote:
theprimebait wrote:Truth is exotic factor and race mean very little in this day and age,most women are attracted to all races,provided the guy is goodlooking.
No, this is completely wrong. Truth is exotic factor and race mean very much in this day and age! Most women are attracted to what they see on TV -- if they see white skinny dudes as prince charming then he becomes it, if a thug gets the the girl she falls for the thug; society dictates who is beautiful and what the standard is -- if Africans had colonized the Europeans we would have had a black standard of beauty.

Coming back to the 2k-sets-asian-guy. This guy in America looks-wise would probably be in the 5 range, but in Asia he would automatically bump to a 7 to reflect his natural value. No homo. Imagine gaming girls as a 7 instead of a 5, it makes a world of difference.
that asian guy isnt GL....compared to most asian men maybe,but no,he isnt GL compared to most women's standards.he didnt get rejected for being asian,he got rejected for being an Aspie and not GL.

this is a legit GL asian dude.

the white,latino and black women are all going crazy in the comments section.the guy has no muscles,isnt tall,but has a good black and latino girls are offering to hook up with him in the comment box.
The asian guy in the video isn't really GL. I'm better looking than he is. The reason why the girls like him is because he's a FOREIGN asian man.

If he were an American born Asian, they wouldn't give him the time of day.
Compared to any white,creole black or latino Generic prettyboy/or Jock at your local highschool he is nothing yes.he'd be invisible..compared to most asian men in general he is goodlooking. ... n-icon.jpg

kind of like this homeless Chinese Hobo guy,(if he got decent clothes,a decent haircut he'd be a legit slayer).
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Posts: 828
Joined: March 9th, 2013, 8:02 am

Post by theprimebait » July 8th, 2013, 1:39 am

SilverEnergy wrote:
theprimebait wrote:
mguy wrote:That guy is not good looking. His nose is too anglo-saxon. His cheeks are too sharp. Western standards, maybe, but eastern standards are a different beast.

Like in the Phils when there is a "too tall" criterion that height actually works against you. Gigante becomes a negative while in the west the taller the better.
Id much rather be hot in the eyes of white,latina,and redbone black girls then asian women,no offence.that guy has it made.also asian standards of beauty rarely are harmonious with biology or sexual dimorphism.Jason statham for example isn't beautifull but he is VERY attractive to most women and shits on all models,in terms of raw sex appeal.yet in asia,theyd call him a bald ugly goblin,especially since he doesn't remotely resemble some paedomorphic femboy.

fact is beauty/=/sex appeal.a dog,horse or a building can be beautifull it doesn't mean it arouses sexual attraction.just like most heterosexual* men would choose Rosee divine,aryane steinkopf,alexis texas ,maliah michel,shazia sahari,jynx maze,juelz ventura,monica santhiago,mia malkova,naomi russell etc etc or any of these broads ... eaven/p125 ... 679_01.jpg

over most fashion models who are ''beautifull''but have no sex appeal.that asian guy has sex appeal,noone cares if he isnt a femboy or not with''perfect aesthetic'' @ asexual asian standards.

that Japanese guy gets v****as wet,thats all that matters.he has a practical harem just from a video,while you don't.imagine how it is IRL for that guy.
Those women are definitely my type, I like thick, curvaceous women.
Your hormonal profile is healthy/Balanced and you have good taste ;)guys who call such women''fat''either are acting on a defence mechanism because they have no chance with such girls,or are very low T,and need to get their hormonal profiles checked.Those chicks are high estrogenic.

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