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The catch 22 situation of the 'nice girl'

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Post by Winston » July 8th, 2013, 1:16 pm

Winston wrote:It does not bring nothing but emptiness. That's a dismal way to look at it. If you monger right, it brings pleasure, satisfaction and variety, even if only temporarily. But alas, everything is temporary. That's life. Isn't it better to enjoy it than not to? Some of my mongering sexual experiences were better than my relationship ones. If you find the right one in SE Asia, she can put you on cloud 9 too, for an out of this world experience. These are experiences you would never trade for anything.

On the other hand, if you get married, most likely you will stop having sex after a while when you get sick of banging the same person everyday. Then you will fall into a "sexless life" routine. What then? You can't have another woman without cheating on your wife. So what then? You're screwed aren't you?

If "variety is the spice of life" then doesn't that apply to sexual experiences too? Why is it that variety in travel, food, and culture is ok, but not in sex?

Everything has its pluses and minuses, but you act as if all mongering only has minuses. That's definitely not true at all.
One of my advisors who is a retired counselor concurred with my statements above and had this to say:
"I too, have had some terrific mongering encounters that have enhanced my life and I don't consider them in any way as being "soul-destroying." I do think there is a certain type of monger who does destroy his soul by mongering. I have met them in Pattaya many times and most are heavy alcohol abusers and, despite years of mongering, are bitter at women and are poor judges of women. These types are unable to enjoy the pleasure of mongering for its own sake and are never satisfied--which is why they feel empty and end up self-destructing. I am sure you saw plenty of these types, as well, during your years in AC--the sort of guys you see sitting at Phillies all day eating huge meals, guzzling beer throughout the day and with sour looks on the faces and very jaundiced outlooks on all aspects of life."
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Post by xiongmao » July 8th, 2013, 3:53 pm

Met a few guys out here on their 5th+ visits to Thailand.

If you like girls but don't want commitment then it could be the next best thing.

The go go dancers here are very hot - definitely 8's to 10's if you see them in the club. Maybe they drop a point or two the next morning. But I saw a guy the next morning with a girl he bar fined and in the cold light of day she was still a 9.

Bar fining is expensive but if you add up the cost of dating site memberships, dates, phone calls etc. etc. etc. then maybe it's cheaper in the long run.

Nice girls are just as likely to cheat as bad girls.

Some (OK, many) mongers here just sit in a bar all day nursing a bottle of beer. I guess they're the ones just getting over a relationship with a Western woman.
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