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Patrice Lewis: Why I'm becoming paranoid

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Patrice Lewis: Why I'm becoming paranoid

Postby Teal Lantern » Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:52 am

The news this week has been freaky. It seems everything we do, say, or write is being monitored by Big Brother. Every keystroke, every bank transaction, every word spoken into a phone … everything and anything is being stored away in a massive facility in Utah capable of handling a “yottabyteâ€￾ of information, the largest measurement computer scientists have. From here, personal data can be sifted through at leisure, ready to nail someone for real or imagined offenses. Wow, this gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling. Thank God we live in America, land of the free.

Last week I decided to get away from the dire news by pulling weeds in the garden. We live in a fairly remote corner of north Idaho, and we have a large garden. Weeding relaxes me.

But it was not to be. Half an hour into my task, I heard the sound of an engine overhead. Looking up, I saw … a drone.

full article ...

You can find her blog, here.
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