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ATTN Ladies. Some advice from PAN.

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ATTN Ladies. Some advice from PAN.

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » June 21st, 2013, 10:37 pm

Now you ladies have your own HA to talk in? You might want to copy this post over there and discuss it.


If you want to know my story it is explained in the two books in my signature.

But if you women want to start the very long road back to your great grand daughters MAYBE have some semblance of credibility? Here is three things I suggest you do.

1. Get 12 women together to found the Womens Business Association. If you are not capable of handling the creation of the web site and the management of the WBA? I will provide you my services at EUR50/hour. Paid in advance of course because women can not be trusted to honour their contracts. You can read about this here.

2. As part of WBA claim into existence all womens courts and all womens juries and run WBA Law Services just like we now have MBA Law Services.

Here is the MBA Law Services Channel.

3. Here are seven women who know me well. One of them I don't have contact details for. ALL these seven women openly condoned and supported Jennifer committing crimes against me. If one of you women was walking down the street and some guy tried to mug you for your purse or rape you then you would DEMAND that the nearest man defend you despite the fact he does not even know you.

You ALL know that men are EXPECTED to be the "unpaid body guards of women and children" 24x7 for no compensation AT ALL.

And yet? When women see someone they KNOW WELL being criminally victimised by someone else THEY KNOW WELL you women remain silent. This is a total complete and utter disgrace. You have disgraced yourselves with your silence and you will NEVER be forgiven no matter HOW MUCH YOU BEG to be forgiven for this silence.

What there is to do now is to secure the future of your daughters and grand daughters and great grand daughters. You will secure their future or they will be just as despised for their HATERED OF MEN as you western women today are despised for your HATRED OF MEN.

You can start that by calling out THESE SEVEN WOMEN in public and denouncing them IN PUBLIC for their complicity in the crimes Jennifer committed against me.

And after that? You can start to denounce MORE WOMEN on the ALL WOMENS CAF SITES.

You can see on the home page of the global portal there are web sites for 7 countries now and we have sites dedicated to women. Naturally there is not ONE POST BY ANY WOMAN ON ANY OF THE WOMENS CAF SITES.



And you wonder why we say you have destroyed your crediblity. ... fault.aspx ... fault.aspx ... fault.aspx ... fault.aspx ... fault.aspx ... fault.aspx ... fault.aspx

Western Ladies. Your daughters and grand daughters and great grand daughters future rests in the balance. You have proven yourselves unworthy of our trust or our confidence. You have proven, over and over again that 99.9% of you are liars and hypocrites. Men like me, who loved his wife and daughters very much, now despise them for their dreadful characters. I have said, in public, in my own name, that if my two daughters were dead the world would be a better place for it.

If you do not believe me that I have said this in public in my own name many times over? This is the facebook of my former daughter. It is not very active but you might be able to ping her through her friends. I would encourage women to contact my former daughter and ask her exactly why she thought it was ok for her mother to get 95% of assets while refusing point blank to work to support her family for 16 years of an 18 year marriage.

Go ahead. Ask her. Find out what it is like from her to be despised as a disgusting women by the very father who cut the cord when she was born. The very father who laboured like Sampson in the face of his wifes unwillingness to labour for her benefit. Ask her what it is like to be disowned in disgust and treated with contempt by her own father as one of the most disgusting examples of the human female that has ever existed on this planet.

Go ahead. Ask her.

And if you women do not like that men like me are denouncing our ex wives as disgusting criminal child abusers. If you do not like that we are denouncing our adult daughters as despical hate filled shrews who we openly and public say would make the world a better place by killing themselves.

If you do not like that we are openly denouncing our daughters and saying any young man who dates them is an idiot and deserves everything that a hate filled shrew like Josephine will dish out to him?

If you do not like that men like me, men of impeccable character, honesty, honour and integrity, are telling your brothers and your sons that you have betrayed them and that you HATE THEM WITH A PASSION?

You have been told what you need to do to start the long jouney back to credibility for your daughters and grand daughters. Because I can assure you any western woman over the age of 25 today will NEVER be trusted by ANY intelligent man.

You women of today who are over 25? You have no one but yourselves to blame for your total lack of credibility. If you do not start to rebuild your credibility by taking the step I have recommended to you? Many many more men are going to be denouncing you just as I do. We are about 5% into the backlash against you western women. You have not even seen the start of this yet. Look at this forum. This is what your future looks are kiling women are UNPRECEDENTED rates in the west. It is going to get MUCH WORSE before it gets any better. ... fault.aspx

So..unless you want your daughters and your grand daughters and your great grand daughters to live in a hyperviolent world where no man will be her "unpaid body guard"? You have better do what you have damn well been told what to do. Or your daughters and grand daughters and gread grand daughters may not even live to despise you as much as I do today.

And yes. I am willing to say in my own name, in the public, that I absolutely DESPISE the behaviour and character of western women today. And I am a man who was nicknamed "Mr Relationships" in the late 90s!!! I was sought out by MANY WOMEN for assitance in their marriages. I would NEVER assist a western woman in her marriage any more. I even run a service that allows a man to unilaterally divorce his wife and to refuse to pay alimony and child support LAWFULLY.

I was one man you western women should have NEVER allowed to be so criminally victimised. Indeed? When I talked to my then friend Sophia Poulos in 2008 about these issues? I told her:
"I am going to DESTROY Jennifers public credibility and reputation beyond all repair. And then I am going to hold you women equal before the law. You women are going to lose ALL your privileges. And you will despise Jennifer even more than me for her causing that to be the case.

If you want a picture in your mind of what this is going to look like here it is. When I was young we would go catching fresh water cray fish. Often times we would be bitten by leeches. When bitten by a leech we would get it off our legs and then we would turn it inside out on a grass stalk and we would put the leech on top of an ant hill and let the ants eat it. THAT is what I am going to do to Jennifer."
Here is Sophias entry in CAF. Feel free to talk to her. Her linked in is there. ... fault.aspx

And so this has been done.

Here is Jennifers case entry in our CAF site linked to our MBA Law Services. ... fault.aspx

Jennifer has been throughly descredited as a child abusing criminal.


So you western women have a choice. You can continue to support CHILD ABUSING CRIMINAL WOMEN and destroy the credibilty of your daughters, grand daughters and great grand daughters. Or you can denoucne CHILD ABUSING CRIMINAL WOMEN just like us men denounce CHILD ABUSING CRIMINAL MEN. And you can see to it CHILD ABUSING CRIMINAL WOMEN are held accountable for their crimes. If you do not? The image you should have in your minds for your daughters and grand daughters and great grand daughters is that men will turn them inside out and put them on ant hills........IF THEY ARE LUCKY.

Because if the majority of men refuse to be the unpaid body guards of your daughters, grand daughters and great grand daugthers? If men know that if they attack a woman the men around will not stop them? Will not inform to the police on them? You can be DAMN SURE that some men will rob, bash, rape and murder your daughters, grand daugthers, and great grand daughters. Because as you keep telling us men? So many of us are monsters, right?

Now you have your own forums to discuss this situation in. And as you do just remember this. I have writen to EVERY female politician I could get the contact details for in the US COngress, US Senate, US Governors, and the parliaments of Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand. These women politicians claim to re-present the political views of AT LEAST ONE HUNDRED MILLION WOMEN.



So do not give me this bulls**t that "not all women are like that"....just 99.9%+.

best regards

your brother peter

Womens CAF sites.
Australia ... /Home.aspx

Republic of Ireland ... /Home.aspx

United Kingdom ... /Home.aspx

Canada ... /Home.aspx


India ... /Home.aspx

South Africa ... /Home.aspx
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Post by jboy » June 22nd, 2013, 3:19 am


Tone it down a bit, u are in danger of sounding like a rabid dog.

Women won't read up ur links, they usually don't have as much curiosity as most men do. Rather start with what Jennifer did to u, include as much detail as u can. They would listen to a story and hopefully will understand where u are coming from, that's when u start the part about ur movement (next paragraphs). Thats how u get women to listen to ur side. Story first, moral of the story and ur cause later.


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