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Do most of us have Asperger's or are we just introverted?

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Post by onethousandknives » July 9th, 2013, 10:27 pm

Taco wrote:
onethousandknives wrote: I think it depends on culture. For example, something like 30% of Swiss people could qualify as having Aspergers based on questionares they've answered.
This is not true. Switzerland has the highest amount of Psychiatrists per capita in the world. They keep their jobs by trying to convince everyone their mentally ill. My wife's brother lives in Switzerland and the school psych wanted to put him on medication because he was too quiet, the truth is there's nothing wrong with him.

If you have mercury amalgam fillings in your teeth my guess is your Aspergers symptoms will improve once you get them removed.
Nope, don't have those. My dad actually was hesitant about me getting one of the controversial vaccines because of the autism link and made me do them separately at separate times or something like that (I think it was MMR.)

And I guess don't move to Switzerland. Heh.

Also, if you didn't get the jist from my post, I basically don't care about Aspergers. It's my NVLD, which is concretely provable. For my NVLD, I feel the best solution is just healthy diet/supplementation, along with adequate exercise as exercise is good exercise for the visual spatial component of my brain. Unfortunately I'm sorta left on my own to treat my NVLD as not too many doctors really specialize in it or even know it exists and are much more likely to just wanna tell me I'm "depressed" when I'm actually brain damaged. It's like saying someone's depressed when they have a broken leg.

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Post by C.J. » September 28th, 2013, 2:40 am

I recently discovered I have high-functioning autism, or asperger's. Pretty much, either or both.

Those who don't know muuch about this subject should do some research. Very interesting. Society at large doesn't help in any way. For example, I may talk low sometimes, but I'll explain something to my family in a moderately loud voice in a slow-paced setting and I may think I'm not awkward, but many people consider that awkward or nonsensical and just ignore me. Sometimes, it's because they don't give a shit about you, and/or don't understand your interests and inclinations enough to respond. Sad, but true.

I'm much too "awkward" for the majority, but I'm not "retarded" enough to want to join the minority. It really sucks! :(

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