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So Winston is right about women abroad

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Re: So Winston is right about women abroad

Post by djfourmoney » August 5th, 2013, 1:03 am

PeterAndrewNolan wrote:
Mr.Darcy wrote:My friend is in Spain and he's pretty much confirming that everything Winston says is true. Little things like being able to look at a woman without getting a death stare, having simple conversations with them, and less fat women in general. He leaves a lot more because talking about it just makes him depressed. Not just the women, but the males are polite and cordial too. This guy is southern Chinese at best, so this debunks the oh Spain is super racist rumor. The only super racist country on this planet is the USA.
Now..I have not been to spain. And I do not know many spanish people. But Spain is renowned as being one of the most feminist countries on earth. It is not far behind Sweden. The women may be nice to you there because the men will not touch them...rather like Italy. But I have heard VERY bad things about spain, france and italy...not to mention seen for myself what norway and sweden were like.

Sure....there are feminst women in germany but they are held in check by the flood of eastern european women in germany. One day I might spend some more time further east. I was in Romania for 15 months in 2004/5 and that was great back then. I would be interested to see how things have changed.

I would imagine you would not see the blatant hatred of men in spain as you see in the UK/USA etc. But spain is not a place to date a woman. I would never date a spanish woman from the reports out of there. Hell....even a woman who was italian by birth and lived in germany all her life caused me a slight problem.

So I have an absolute rule now....eastern european born and bred.....further east than germany....or I will pass. It is pretty simple. I have just had too many problems with women from the "west". I do not need those problems in my life any more.
Your problem Peter is that you haven't figured out your personal demons that prevent you from finding a reasonable woman long term, no matter where she's from.

As you have outlined, women don't respect you. That means the problem isn't them as much as its you.

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Post by SilverEnergy » August 5th, 2013, 1:22 am

You guys say they're feminist because the women aren't into YOU.

A decent dressed black guy won't have any trouble in Italy or France with the ladies.

Spanish women like black men who are in the army.

You attract what you dwell on the most....
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Post by C.J. » August 5th, 2013, 1:25 am

Good, strong, infallible, valuable men won't get much respect from women, regardless of the country. And I'm glad too. :D

Really separates the diamonds from the dung. Peter, I don't know if you happen to be in line with any particularly powerful groups. But you'll find women who're exceptional eventually. Human ascension really does take a while for most. :lol:

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