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Would you change your race if you could?

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Would you change your race if you could?

Yes, i'm black and want to change my race like Michael Jackson.
No votes
No, i'm black and wish to remain black.
Yes, i'm white and want to try and change my race like Ali G.
No votes
No, i'm white and wish to remain white.
Yes, i'm asian and want to change my race like most asian american females.
No votes
No, i'm asian and wish to remain asian.
Yes, i'm in the other category and want to change my race.
No votes
No, i'm in the other category and want to remain whatever I am.
Total votes: 11

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Would you change your race if you could?

Post by Repatriate » August 3rd, 2013, 6:45 pm

I get the impression that a lot of people in general are not comfortable in their own skin. There's a lot of Uncle Toms, Uncle Changs, Senor Gringos, Wiggers, Chiggers, etc.. who if given the chance would transform themselves into some other race at the first opportunity. I believe that most minority women in the U.S. would flip the switch and definitely become white. Women are way more impressionable and conformist.

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Post by Jeremy » August 3rd, 2013, 6:55 pm

I'm one of those pale whites (brown hair but almost ginger skin), and girls HATE pale guys. I'd rather be middle eastern or mixed black. But not Asian, very black, or Indian.

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Post by zboy1 » August 3rd, 2013, 7:37 pm

I like being Asian and love my culture, food and heritage. The only problem is, living in America (or any other Western country, in general), it can be a disadvantage; Racial stereotypes and racial abuse abound; There isn't the kind of unity in the Asian American community you see in the African American community, for example; Also, Asian women tend to be hypergamous--which tends to make Asian men angry. Otherwise, if it weren't for those three things, being an Asian male is pretty awesome!

I think that as an Asian male, you can easily fit into any part of the world much easier than let's say...Black or White guys. I can be an Asian, I can be an American, I can be a foreigner...I can be whatever I want to be, if I choose. I also love the fact that Asia is a rising force in the world and will soon surpass the West in economic and political power. So, yeah, I may bitch a lot but being an Asian man but really, it's not so bad, tbh.

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Post by AnonymousAmerican » August 3rd, 2013, 8:07 pm

Those who want to change what they have been born with, have no respect from me, and should be treated like shit. I wouldn't change anything of me, except the place where I was born.
A bartender told me this while I was in Guadalajara Mexico:

"If you aren't careful here with the women, you will be married in a week."

how I live my life.

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Post by Contrarian Expatriate » August 3rd, 2013, 8:49 pm

I did not see a response that fit my wish, but I would change from black to a Polynesian Maori if I could.
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