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Are playboys suffering from a broken heart?

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Post by fschmidt » August 10th, 2013, 4:33 am

Teal Lantern wrote:Found fschmidt's write-up. 1 page.

Post-Game Culture
There is no point posting this here. Men here don't want hear this, they just want to rationalize their depravity. This is why I turned to religion, because only through religion can men be taught morals.

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Post by C.J. » August 10th, 2013, 4:49 am

I tend to agree with Renata. I've seen many guys fool around, and they're low-class scum. However, I know rich people do it too, however it seems more because they wanted variety, or they were never that classy to begin with.

Do you guys know of any folks who're well-off in body and mind and have some semblance of class, but fool around with multiple partners?

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Re: Are playboys suffering from a broken heart?

Post by rudder » August 10th, 2013, 5:39 am

Winston wrote:I have a theory.

Guys who are playboys or players are not just into variety in women. They probably got propelled into that lifestyle after getting traumatized by a broken heart from someone who left them. The separation caused such pain that they don't want to let it ever happen again. So instead of investing all their feelings into one person, they DIVERSIFY their feelings by spreading it to multiple women, while not getting serious with any of them. This way they are protected from getting hurt, so that if they lose one girl, they have others as backup.

Is that correct? Does this fit anyone you know, including yourself?

I think this is the case with me too, but even before my breakup, I was already craving variety.
Growing up here in the US, it was a non-stop broken heart from day one. I made a couple girlfriends along the way, and I noticed how neither of them were as emotionally invested in the relationship. I'd like to meet a woman that loves me as much as I love her. If I have to burn through many of them to find her, then so be it.

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