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Spotting female red flags

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Spotting female red flags

Post by Repatriate » August 11th, 2013, 6:45 pm

I've dated more foreign women than American women at this point but I thought this guide is relevant all the same and applies to most women. I threw in some pop culture red flags that are probably irrelevant for dating most foreign women but with today's media this stuff spreads like wildfire and is something to be wary of. If you disagree with this just observe women who show the below red flags and tell me i'm wrong then. :lol:

Avoid dating women or entering into long term relationships with women that:

1) Use feminist code language: "strong" "independent" "ambitious" "sexy and smart" "intelligent and driven" "will not settle" If a woman is any of these things in real life she doesn't need to state it for you in a vainglorious way. I've seen very westernized foreign women who do this too, even in Thailand. Monkey see monkey do. Leave them for the western manginas.

2) Are fans of shows like Sex in the City, Girls, Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler, or any other combination of "girl power" type shows. This seems like a minor thing but trust me only vapid women watch these shows. That's their commercial demographic..materialistic spiritually empty western women.

3) Obsessed with social media. She's on facebook, twitter, multiple chat, or other networking sites. She has loads of pictures up with her in skimpy clothing with lots of male comments.

4) Weird pictures in her photo collection. Lots of solo shots in different party places. Lots of solo vacation pics. Hint: none of these photos were originally taken solo.

5) multiple divorcee, divorced with child, or single mother never married. A lot of American guys are dumb as shit when it comes to this. Dating another man's baby momma or multiple divorcee is not ok. She made serious life mistakes and you're rewarding it by being her second, third, or fourth chance in life. If you get hooked up with a single mother your life is over. Enjoy taking care of another man's baby, mangina. I think even dating a woman who has been divorced at all is a bad idea..this means she (or her husband) already made a big mistake in judgement and she probably won't think twice about bailing on any relationship now.

6) Been in school forever with empty goals. Self explanatory.

7) Give an inch, take a mile. She never offers to pay for anything. She buys gifts for herself with your money. She nickels and dimes you in various ways. Unless this is a p4p "arrangement" dump her right away.

Add your own if you wish. :lol:

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Post by marklambo » August 11th, 2013, 7:25 pm

Excellent points written and I agree. I would also like to add that you should avoid dating women that play stupid phone games. For example, you text them but they don't reply until like a day or 2 later. Usually their response is something like "I'm sorry I took a while to reply, I've just been so busy". Bullshit, there's no person in the world that is too busy to send a text back that takes 20 seconds. This simply means she's juggling multiple men and didn't have "time" to get back to you since you were at the bottom of the list. The same applies if you are calling her.

She never introduces you to her friends. When this happens, it's clearly a red flag that she has mostly guy friends that may not just be "friends". These could be guys that she slept with in the past, actively flirting with, or even actively sleeping with. Never take a girl like this seriously because you're setting yourself up for a big let down.

She's the type of drunk that doesn't remember what happens. If you're with a girl and she had a little too much to drink and doesn't remember what happens the next day, this is a huge red flag. If she can't remember what happened, just imagine how many guys took advantage of her. Avoid these women at all costs.

When watching a movie or tv show and a hot guy comes on, she starts making sighs or makes comments about how hot the guy is. A women that does this is obviously not showing you any signs of respect. No respectful woman would do this in front of the guy they are with. A woman that does this in front of you will most definitely do more if she's out and meets a hot guy in person. She may actually act upon her desires without any regret of cheating on you.
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Post by Repatriate » August 11th, 2013, 7:48 pm

marklambo wrote: She never introduces you to her friends. When this happens, it's clearly a red flag that she has mostly guy friends that may not just be "friends". These could be guys that she slept with in the past, actively flirting with, or even actively sleeping with. Never take a girl like this seriously because you're setting yourself up for a big let down.
I agree this is a pretty big one and if you're even somewhat serious with a woman and she has reservations about taking you to meet her relatives then it's probably time to bail too. There's no excuse for not being invited to or accepted into her regular social group unless she's hiding something ie. she's really a scandalous hoe or doesn't respect you.

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Post by ContraMundumRants » August 11th, 2013, 8:28 pm

Good thread!

Other signs to look out for:

1) Apart from what you said about being "strong" and "independent", she says things like "I am not here to cook or clean",
"I didn't earn a degree to become a housewife". Looks down on housewives or submissive women. If somebody cooks a meal for them,
observe that they will not get up from their chair and offer to help once the meal is finished. On the contrary, they will hand
over the dirty dish or utensils for another person to clean, as if they were Queens who are there to be served by inferior beings.

2) Sometimes they will order men around with verbal commands and by pointing with their index finger. I am not kidding; I have seen
this happen.

3) There is a certain emotional coldness emanating from them. Look pissed off most of the time. Look as if they are ready to snap
at you, and they will!

4) If she has a boyfriend or husband, she will not hesitate in screaming at him and treating him like garbage in public.

5) Attention-whoring: will dress and act in ways that are meant to attract attention. I think all women, even the non-feminists ones,
want attention from males, but those spoiled by the Western mindset do it in an obnoxious and self-centered way.

6) You mention something about how men and women are DIFFERENT, not inferior or superior, and they make a big deal out of it
or say that men and women are the same. I talk to a Russian girl on Facebook and she never has trouble when we talk about
the differences between men and women; she accepts those differences and enjoys pointing them out to me. I still remember when my father
told a Feminazi that "women are more sensitive/emotional", and she responded "no, we are not that sensitive; we are just like men, only
difference is that men are physically stronger". She said it with an utterly bitchy face also.

7) Will try to infect other women with Feminazi bullshit. Will tell other women to be "independent" from her man, to do what she wants,
to not do things for her boyfriend, to demand that he cook and clean for her. This is why taking your foreign bride/girlfriend back to the US
is a high-risk proposition because the Anglo-Feminazis in her workplace or social circle will either try to infect her with man-hating crap
or make fun of her for her traditional ways.

8 Materialistic, although this is not always the case.

9) She doesn't respect the boundaries of others. The problem with narcissists, which is what Western Feminazi women are, is that
they have no sense of boundaries, so if you talk to them about respect, or "don't do that to me again", they just don't get it. It's
their way or the highway. Best thing you can do is to avoid them altogether and get them out of your life.

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