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Post-Game Society

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Post-Game Society

Post by Maverick » August 12th, 2013, 7:11 am

A link to this article (written by fschmidt) was posted in another thread. I found it to be very fascinating, but it didn't seem to garner much interest in the scope of that thread. So I figured I'd create a stand-alone thread for it.

In my opinion, this is where our country is headed. It's holds true based on my observations in our current society and my experience with PUA.
fschmidt wrote: I spent the last month traveling, with two weeks in Argentina and two weeks in Mexico. I now see Latin America as a post-game culture. Some PUAs/players have been advocating the general use of "game" among men as a solution to our problems, the idea being that this will allow all men to have some access to women. If you want to see the result of this, just visit Latin America.

My wife likes to chat and she chatted with an old guy in Buenos Aires about his old times in Argentina. The guy happily recalled his younger days when he was married and had lots of women on the side. Many were married. He told of a woman he was having sex with who was engaged and who had told her fiance that she was a virgin, and how she faked losing her virginity with some red dye. What this shows is that Argentine culture became promiscuous long before America did.

On the old DGM forum, I debated with Irlandes about the nature of Mexican woman, my contention being that Mexican women had change over the last 20 years. Irlandes disagreed and investigated and proved me wrong. The last two weeks I spend in Mexico confirms Irlandes's view. The changes I saw were mostly superficial. Mexico has been promiscuous for a long time, probably hundreds of years. The Spanish conquerors came from a chaste culture, but the Spanish influence was superficial and concentrated in the elite. The masses continued with their promiscuous behavior under a chaste veneer of Spanish style.

In a promiscuous culture, men either become players or become extinct. Men literally evolve to become players. This is why Latin men have natural game. But this has a cost. Since the men are natural players, instead of PUAs who fake it, they actually have the characteristics that women are attracted to. In other words, they are unreliable and focused on women, which makes them unsuitable for supporting modern civilization. This can be seen clearly after spending some time in a Latin American country. Of course, Argentina and Mexico are different, the difference being that Argentina became promiscuous about a hundred years ago while Mexico had been promiscuous far longer. This means that co-alpha characteristics, those traits needed to maintain civilization, have been far more fully bred out of Mexico than out of Argentina. And this can be seen in the behavior of men in these countries. America is in early stage decay, Argentina in mid-stage decay, and Mexico in complete decay. In Mexico, men are exactly as MGTOW/PUA advocate. They go their own way and seduce women for sex. They don't cooperate and they don't contribute to society. The government is too incompetent to enforce feminist laws, so men don't have to worry about child support and other such issues.

But now I ask you, is this what you want? If yes, stop complaining here and just move to Mexico. Mexico is a MGTOW/PUA society. If you support MGTOW/PUA, then you can't complain about the poverty and chaos in Mexico because these things are an inevitable result of MGTOW/PUA behavior.

I call Latin America "post-game" because after the widespread use of game has destroyed a society, it becomes poor enough for women to once again value men as providers. This does not solve problem but rather produces some equilibrium at a low level. Most men in these societies cannot be very effective providers because the country is poor. And the men must constantly guard their wives against cheating, which is widespread. American men are seen as super providers and this is why we are attractive to these women in spite of our lack of game. We are super providers because we have not yet fully gone the MGTOW/PUA route, but I assume that we will and we will wind up as just another third world country.

I think history proves my point. Most people in most of history lived in barbaric conditions. When civilizations fell, they almost never recovered. Rome/Italy is the only example of a place that I can think of that was civilized twice. Every other successful society became a basket case permanently. Visit Egypt today and look at the museum. They had a great civilization 4000 years ago. Today they are pathetic as a culture. In Mexico, they had the Olmecs, the Maya, and Aztecs, each from a different area and each more primitive than the preceding culture. My theory is that when a civilization falls, its co-alpha genes get wiped out. There is no good genetic material left to start a new culture. What was different about Rome? It had a key subculture, Christianity, that saved the right values and therefore saved some co-alphas. But Christianity grew when Rome was at its peak. It could not have grown as it did in a barbaric environment. We are now in a situation where most of the world has been absorbed into Western culture. If Western culture falls without any alternative subculture being formed, then I think this will be the permanent end of civilization.

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Post by Ghost » August 12th, 2013, 10:01 am

I agree and I stated in another thread, I think the whole world is essentially being transformed into a massive planet-wide ghetto. Perhaps we are heading for a post-game world. Imagine if America could one day become a place for seeking a more humble, traditional foreign wife. That could only happen if civilization does survive however.

If you agree with this article, then one conclusion to draw is that things will definitely get worse in the years to come as we head to a post-game planet. What remains to be seen is whether what comes after (which will be after our lifetimes probably) will ultimately be a good or bad thing.

Will civilization survive and will a superior moral culture rise up after America falls? One could argue that China could be that culture, but Western influence is seeping into. I see plenty of it even in this little-known city.

Will civilization ultimately meets its permanent end and will the world just be frozen in time, ending up as a ghetto that the masses of immoral and stupid people can't fix and the remnants of humanity are not powerful or numerous enough to do anything about?

My only two solid conclusions thus far are that 1) feminism will perish, and 2) things are going to get a lot worse as the U.S. transitions into a third world country and feminism begins the process of dying. What happens after is the big mystery, but while I think we'll see the death of feminism (or at least the start of it) in my lifetime, I think the transition to a post-game and possibly post-civilization world will be much longer.

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Post by Moretorque » August 12th, 2013, 12:45 pm

I think probably the best thing to happen is if the reset button gets hit some how on humanity, this thing is incapable of rebounding I think into a conscience collective for the better and the destruction of the planet is accelerating quick and I mean quick.

I believe the elite know this and are making plans to store and save what they can, my take on it and I don't mean to be a A HOLE about it is that when this happens or if it happens humanities #s need to be closely regulated in the future.

Most people really are stupid and will tend to breed unchecked if not regulated.
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Post by Teal Lantern » August 13th, 2013, 12:47 pm

Why the Beta Male Exists
Evolutionary Biologists and lay people like Neil Strauss ("the Game") and VH1's "Mystery" are always talking about the Alpha Male. How and why women prefer him, his role in society, how his presence is needed to defend society (Lee Harris, "Civilization and It's Enemies.") If you believed all the words written, there would be no reason at all for the so-called "Beta Male" to exist. Why then, does he exist? ... xists.html

Why Women Hate Nice Guys (and the Implications)
American and Western society is completely and totally focused on providing the maximum of sexy men to most women. The only problem with this is that it provides no way to produce all the nice things women want, along with sexy men. A safe and secure environment? Nope. An expanding, growing economy? Nope. Ever advancing technology that makes food better and safer and cheaper, medical practices more life saving and life-enhancing, living better in every way? Nope. ... s-and.html
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Post by Jester » August 13th, 2013, 7:08 pm

Wow!! Great article and comments. Profound stuff.
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Post by AnonymousAmerican » August 14th, 2013, 1:36 am

bullshit thread made by a moron american.
A bartender told me this while I was in Guadalajara Mexico:

"If you aren't careful here with the women, you will be married in a week."

how I live my life.

how to survive in the US: viewtopic.php?t=19236

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Post by Maverick » August 14th, 2013, 2:33 am

AnonymousAmerican wrote:bullshit thread made by a moron american.
Well by all means, tough guy, please enlighten me.

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Post by zboy1 » August 14th, 2013, 2:40 am

AnonymousAmerican wrote:bullshit thread made by a moron american.
If you going to constantly insult people on this forum, why should I even let you stay on then? I don't want to have to ban you again...

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