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I'm noticing a disturbing trend here....

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I'm noticing a disturbing trend here....

Post by Rayn » August 17th, 2013, 12:39 pm

From my own personal observations and from reading others experiences living in various countries worldwide, I came to notice a disturbing trend....

There are countries where people are very closed, cliquish, shy, paranoid of others and few romantic approaches as something that is improper, awkward and even wrong. Example: USA, Western Europe, East Asia, my country Malaysia, etc. And in these countries the dating scene is a hellhole for males, with such a perverse emphasis on thuggish behavior, money, looks and status just to get attention from the females who often choose to date way way way up from their league.

In the other side, there are countries where the people are on the opposite side of the spectrum open, warm, friendly, passionate, welcoming to direct approaches, flirtatious, etc like Russia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, etc the dating scene is like paradise in comparison. Average Joes, George Clooneys, both have their ample chance of scoring the females of their liking. And the women are less than a tenth as picky as well, most only requiring that their guy is not some alcoholic douchebag (to quote the guys from the Single Dudes Travel blog).

Which leads me to theorize that in the countries of the former category, approaching women is next to impossible so they will have to depend on upgrading their looks, 'game' and money as much as possible to have their chance at disabling a woman's instinct to drive her bitch shield up in their presence.

Which indeed is EXACTLY the responses I get during my days using the online social networking sites like,, (its technically a language-learningsite but has some social networking elements too). Most of the female users who are willing to interact with me are from the second category countries. The first category types were very few in numbers, and those who do are 100.0000000% drawn into doing it because of my appearance. I kid you not. They were always so fond of saying I have beautiful eyes, or that I have pretty muscles, that I look very young for my age, etc.

In contrast the Thai girl I talked to once (in b4 hurr durr ugly Isaanite: She's a middle-class Thai girl with a very pretty face) was interested in contacting me because she wanted to learn more about the Malay language an its culture. She never wrote me I was cute or anything. I had a smashing time making jokes with a Russian girl related to video games. One small-city mainland Chinese (not the Shanghai-Beijing-Guangzhou types) contacted me just to entertain my request to learn more about the educational opportunities for foreign students in her country. One French girl went the distance giving me emails, videos and photos describing what her home city of Rheims was like.

The girls in the first category cared little about that - other than are you single, are you hot, can you f**k me good, what do you have and what you can do for me. Even in a frickin' pen pal finding site of all the places!

Just another reason for me to get the hell out of this stupid place as soon as I can.[/b]

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Post by RedMenace » August 17th, 2013, 1:08 pm

This is caused by old and/or young desperate guys thinking every damn foreign woman is a model because they are so severely blue balled. As time goes on these women begin to adapt western standards and eventually feminism. Once that's done they don't "need" guys for anything other than sex, money and a status upgrade. Learn the local language and try to get into their networks which over 99% of foreigners aren't part of. You will find more traditional and classy women that way instead of bar girls and reformed or active hookers.

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Post by momopi » August 17th, 2013, 7:09 pm

Ryan, if you're in MY, consider how lucky you are being so close to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, etc. Others have to travel a long way to visit your neighbors.

On that note, I'm booking my flight to SG and will be in SG-MY-TH in Nov, assuming everything work as planned.

I had a GF in KL back in mid 2000's. My impression is that once they hit late 20's, they want to get married ASAP. However this is based on limited experience and you can prolly comment better as a local.

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Post by Maverick » August 17th, 2013, 7:52 pm

Really? I figured Malaysia would be a good place to meet women.

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Post by djfourmoney » August 18th, 2013, 1:16 am

Maverick wrote:Really? I figured Malaysia would be a good place to meet women.
Maybe if your not Asian....

Truthfully though, I would not worry about the handful of men that overvalue women in far flung countries. They are overvaluing as RedMenace said, opportunist.

But hold the phone on not being George Clooney, that's a given. You need not be a balding man, shave your head, you don't have to be a fat man, you openly make that choice when you open the refrigerator or pull up to a drive-through.

IE saving you from yourself...

If you're searching the world to find a woman that will accept your social flaws, good luck with that, it won't be cheap. Fixing the fixable should be your main concern before you go anywhere.

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