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Attractiveness Equation for Men

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Post by SilverEnergy » November 5th, 2013, 12:15 am

Status trumps all easily.
"Allow me to show you the Power Cosmic!" - Silver Surfer

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Re: Attractiveness Equation for Men

Post by OutWest » November 5th, 2013, 2:05 am

Rock wrote:
mguy wrote:
I'd rather be young 23 years old and good looking banging younger chicks like there was no tomorrow than 45 and rich. That's just me though.

The older you get the more you need money to compensate for your looks department.
There is a sweet spot. I don't know about you but when I was 23, girls and women of all ages ignored me because I just looked and acted too childish. There were certain young guys and even kids in late teens who didn't have this problem so much because they had an air of maturity, sophistication, and manliness (as opposed to boyishness). But for others, they might find themselves more attractive to all women (including the youngest ones) when they reach a more mature age - an age where they still look youthful and good but are not too boyish.

Anyway, you say you'd rather be 23 and good looking. Well, you can be early 20s, once, for awhile. But it passes. Then what? Money and status, if you engineer it right, can be a lot more durable. So Outwest has a very valid point. If you can't amass say $50 mn in the States to get the $$$ aphrodisiac, perhaps you can capture a strong likeness of it in parts of Africa or even SE Asia for pennies on the dollar. Being a 100 thousand-aire might even cut it lol.

But still do your best to stay healthy, youthful, and vigorous. Cus if you look fully-gone (elderly, etc.), your interactions with young attractive women are going to be a lot colder for the most part I reckon. If I remember right, Outwest is in fantastic shape and probably looks very youthful too. So it's not so surprising that his wife some 30 +/- years his junior might feel some genuine love and physical attraction to him.
My wife is reading over my shoulder...LOL thanks for the hat
I am NOT some super handsome dude...average looks, though in excellent condition, stamina etc...
which are things I do have some control over. Now she is smiling at me...hmmm...I might be
busy for a while...thanks Rock! HAHA.

The point is>>> There are big elements you CAN control...make the best of those and
find that one who you click for...Men out there CAN succeed at love, even if they are older...totally.
My wife did not come from a totally impoverished family...many are reasonably well off by Pinoy
standards...some have qualified for tourist visas to the USA for example...

Focus...improve yourself...give it your best shot...


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Post by Halwick » November 5th, 2013, 6:31 am

I've ran across Japanese women with preference for the man who has 3 H's: Height + Handsome + High Income.

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