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Filial Piety: The Sticky Thread

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Filial Piety: The Sticky Thread

Postby E Irizarry R&B Singer » Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:18 am

I feel that this should become an imminent sticky because some of us here want to have families with good FW abroad right?
I would like to give a shout-out to Repatriate for inspiring me make an "ode" of a thread. Thank you, sir.
Read what post inspired me here.

In the past, I feel that we have briefly broached upon this topic; however, we need to begin to discuss this heartfelt notion of carrying own our legacy, our DNA with FW of different races and/or nationalities because we have to weed out the bad DNA (e.g. Western pomposity among other societies in the world that are anti-preservation of mankind) and have them live in the same house so that we can raise our young ones as well as the elderly because they have cared for us too.

I feel that a lot of ex-patriate guys that have good intentions and good genes can weed out the "idiocracy" genes from becoming prevalently worldwide.

Even though I have a vasectomy, and the reversal can give me a 85%-max chance of impregnating an FW and that as time goes on in that the probability lessens (fragmented sentence...please kiss my, I feel that family is still something that's so integral such a fundamental blue print of being happier abroad.

I love kids (even though I could have been a papi three times). They were just with the wrong women, and I got over that I didn't have them so that they can be used as pawns against me in N. America. :arrow:

Monstrous manwh.ores like me have a heart too ya know? ;-)

Please check out this article so that you get a nice July-2013 update of how this theme has been resurging --> please click here.

There are countries out there that dont play when it comes to keeping the familial unit as one.
It's time to expatriate to evade your fate; it's time to expatriate before the barn door permanently closes on "US" sheep.
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Postby xiongmao » Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:05 pm

Not sure this what this thread means, but one of the downsides of foreign women is that often you'll inherit her whole family of deadbeats. Beta guys usually end up supporting them, alphas will tell them to get lost.
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Postby Repatriate » Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:10 pm

xiongmao wrote:Not sure this what this thread means, but one of the downsides of foreign women is that often you'll inherit her whole family of deadbeats. Beta guys usually end up supporting them, alphas will tell them to get lost.

There's a difference between supporting a family of deadbeats (which Thais and Filipinos are good at pushing onto foreign men) and providing real emotional warmth and family unity. For instance if my future in laws asked me to pay them a monthly stipend i'd realize these are some low quality people and i'd consider breaking up in the near future.
But if they didn't expect anything or ask for anything but needed help in a time of crisis i'd be more than willing to man up.

The issue here is that I believe a lot of American guys wouldn't do shit and have no particular affinity towards the foreign in laws unless they are an exception. This sort of communal warmth simply doesn't exist in anglo culture unless it's a rare exception. I find most American men to be opportunistic in this sense. They won't proffer aid towards close family members unless there's some sort of payback involved. It's generosity with strings attached ie. fake generosity.
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