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Self-fulfilling prophecy

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Self-fulfilling prophecy

Post by RedMenace » September 9th, 2013, 8:20 pm

We all know feminism has a strong grip on western society. This is forcing many western men to travel abroad in hopes of finding a feminine wife. However this move is a self-fulfilling prophecy in the making. While you are running away from feminism, you are actually spreading it worldwide.

Think about it for a sec. At some point in time western men traveled to Asia before returning back to their countries with tales of beautiful and feminine Asian women residing in the far east. At that point feminism was say a teenager. As feminism matured in the west, more men started to travel to Asia. Now we have a situation where feminism is at maturity and Asia is crawling with foreign men seeking the perfect Asian wife. In countries like Thailand the women saw an opportunity to escape poverty through these foreign men who seem to have so much money out of nowhere.

The problem begins with something that is not easily avoidable. That is the transmission of culture. The more interaction these women have with foreigners, the more of foreign culture they absorb. It's this same culture that lead to and nurtured feminist thoughts. You should know what I am getting at. Feminism has already started infecting the minds of these foreign women. I will touch more on that later.

The men that are causing this problem are those that do not research the culture of the countries they are travelling to. When they arrive at said country, the women give them all sorts of attention. In response they become mentally blind and start to think with their d*cks. Splashing money left right and center because they think it's the right thing to do. Worse yet some even introduce the women they come in contact with to dysfunctional TV shows found in the west the likes of Sex in the City. These are the same damn shows that are causing your daughters to become promiscuous when they grow up. Female promiscuity is one of the main thing feminism made okay. This lead to abortion, contraception pills that allowed your women to be irresponsible and still get off with no punishment. Females have limited eggs because nature never intended for them to sleep with hundreds of males carelessly. It's the same reason they can be impregnated and can't just walk away from sex like men. Sooner or later the majority of these foreign women will learn and adopt the monster you tried so hard to run from. In your attempt to escape feminism, you are actually transmitting it worldwide.

Most of the guys who go abroad looking for sex come back boasting about how many females they slept with. Well you should ask yourself this question. Are you f*cking these women or are THEY f*cking you. I think it's the latter unless you raped someone when you were over there. To be continued....

Voice of Reason
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Will the foreign men allow

Post by Voice of Reason » September 9th, 2013, 8:31 pm

Feminism depends on men for it to thrive, it never would have taken off if western men didn't allow it to in the first place.

So do you think the foreign men will allow the feminist disease to spread in their country? Or do you think they'll put their women in line before they get out of control…unlike western men.

Remember, foreign men don't put their women on the pedestal.

I look forward to you next installment.

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