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Beware the Foreign Trojan Horse

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Beware the Foreign Trojan Horse

Post by Dragon » October 3rd, 2013, 4:52 am


In your quest to navigate the dating market, you may encounter one type of girl I like to call the Trojan Horse. These girls have the appearance of a being a traditional-minded, high-value foreign woman but hide a core of American consumerism and feminism. Typically, these girls are born in a foreign country and undergo a somewhat traditional upbringing, but spend some or all of their later formative years in this country being inculcated into the American feminist you-go-girl culture. Their initial demureness is matched only by the extent of their psyches ruined by solipsism, independence, and false self-esteem.

If you have never dated a non-westernized woman, this type of girl may not seem so bad at first. You may think “Hey, she was born into a traditional household and probably values traditional relationships like traditional foreign woman. This is terrific!â€￾ But with more exposure you soon realize that she combines all of the drawbacks of an American girl with the significant expectations of a traditional feminine woman — expectations that are reasonable only when complimented by effort and sacrifice on the part of the woman. Here are a few of the unseemly things you may notice in your dealings with these girls:

No cooking ability, feels that she is above cleaning
Not sweet or feminine
Focused on her career and sees homemaking and children as a lowly goal
Does not respect economy of language, will prattle on about anything
Zero intellectual curiosity, unlike many actual Asian and Eastern European girls

But doesn’t this just look like the typical American woman? Not so fast. For all the negatives we point out about the women of our country, they will occasionally pay for a dinner (insisting on financial independence, at least in the early stages), and their preoccupation with remaining busy and aloof means that they are more likely to accept an arrangement where they don’t grace you with their value-adding presence every day. On the contrary, foreign-born girls will often have exaggerated negative traditional female traits like these:

Clingy — expects an incredible amount of attention
Expect the man to provide and be “manlyâ€￾
Demure when it comes to sex — often difficult to bed for the first time and will openly use it as a bargaining tool even early in the relationship

Trojan Horses want to be by your side all the time and suck your time and resources more than normal American women, but won’t provide value in homemaking, child-rearing, cooking, or respect. The sweetness that Law Dogger, Roosh, and many others have written about has been stamped out of them by the American feminist multiverse. Having ridden the carousel at the behest of the poisoned media, they turn to the relationship route when they are losing their value in the sexual marketplace and are getting intense familial pressure to return to their traditional roles.

Unfortunately, after their years of careerism and solipsistic rejection of purposes other than their own enjoyment, they have none of the skills or proclivities necessary to be good relationship partners. Watch out for these girls, and be especially aware of their pitfalls lest they demand your commitment.

One of the comments:

"It's true.

Get the f**k out of the United States. Go date and bed some foreign girls. And don't ever bring them back the the United States, you idiot.

I've been living in Russia for almost two years. The girls who have been to the western world for any extended period and then returned to Russia are a different beast entirely. The Western world ruins women. It's hard to explain to someone that hasn't seen it with their own eyes."
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Post by MeGustanLatinas » October 10th, 2013, 10:12 pm

I've actually heard this a few times. I've heard this about Colombian women, from a friend who's half Colombian (and is living in Colombia currently). I guess if you let them know up front no matter what happens either they're not coming to America or you're not leaving, you'll see where their head is really at. That's just a theory though.

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Post by zacb » October 10th, 2013, 11:05 pm

You know, this strikes me. What if their dream is to go to the UK? What if they are flexible about it, but mention they would like to visit the UK? Or am I over thinking?
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