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Slave Mentality

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Slave Mentality

Post by RedMenace » October 4th, 2013, 8:10 am

Why do African Americans continue to follow Caucasians into the suburbs? It's like the Caucasians are running away from African Americans who for some reason can't just leave the Caucasians alone and try to develop their own civilised neighbourhoods. Even though the slaves are free they still yearn for their master. How can so called "free" people behave in this manner? Where ever the African American goes, crime and decay follows. I am talking about a certain type of African American who seems to be the majority amongst the African American population. These are you single mothers with their thug boyfriends and dysfunctional children who in turn will grow up to be thugs.

Only someone who is inferior will try to be equal to others. Why do you African Americans believe you have to live in a Caucasian neighbourhood to be "equal" to them? Why can't you develop your own communities to be better than Caucasian communities? Personally I think when higher class African Americans move into Caucasian neighbourhoods, they are welcomed. Even if they aren't they will be in time once they prove they are functional members of society. The problem arises when these middle/high class African Americans bring their less functional family members who begin the process of decaying the neighbourhood. They steal from people who worked hard to be where they are because back when they should have been studying and striving to get a professional career, they didn't. Instead they listened to rap music and watched twerking videos.

This is why we are the least desired race of people around the world. Who would want to be part of such family. I damn sure wouldn't if I was an Asian female because it's far more likely that my kids will grow up to be dysfunctional and I will end up a single mother. It's less about your color and more about your class. Why is it that high class men of any "race" are most desired? Caucasians can commit as much crime as they want and will be desired. Even if they are hated, they will still be desired because they collectively have power. Their countries have the biggest guns, most high tech armies and are the forerunners in science and technology. When did an African in Africa invent something impressive or developed a ground breaking theory in the field or science and technology?

Stop right there before you begin to argue that black people are oppressed or that slavery is the cause for what's happening now. Many people around the world were oppressed by Caucasians. Unlike you they used the humiliation as motivation for them to develop their own countries. Take Japan for example. They got two atomic bomb and lost a war. With the help of America they were able to not only rebuild but advance technologically to a point where they are technologically if not more technologically advanced than America. You African Americans have so much opportunity since you are directly in America. If only you realised this and studied hard you will become a powerful force. You will gain both financial and political power in America. The rest of the world will see this and will respect you. But no, you are contempt on welfare and government benefits. This is why people think black people are genetically stupid. Any person with common sense would think the same.

It's a damn shame that we all are grouped into this one big dysfunctional "black" race. Anyways I have a lecture now but I will continue when I have break.

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