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Turk plows hundreds of Swedish women,infects them with AIDS

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Turk plows hundreds of Swedish women,infects them with AIDS

Post by theprimebait » October 7th, 2013, 8:43 pm

Mehdi Tayeb, Iranian(but of Turkish minority), HIV-positive (known alias: James Patrick Kimball)

Here's a truly horrible story about an HIV-positive Iranian man who is suspected of having sex with hundreds of Swedish women. Some early reports thought he may have had sex with over 400. The article below says that a notebook that belonged to the Iranian was found which suggests he had sex with at least 200 women.

So dozens if not hundreds of Swedish women had their lives ruined by this monster.

The first time I read about him several years ago, the stories didn't mention that he used a "date rape" drug on some women and was considered a serial rapist or that he also had sex with men. It seems to take a while for the whole truth to come out.

AEGiS-Reuters: Eighty Swedish Women Tested For HIV,Suspect Sought

Eighty Swedish Women Tested For HIV,Suspect Sought

Reuters NewMedia - Friday October 23, 1998

Mehdi Tayeb, Iranian, HIV-positive

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Eighty worried Swedish women had been tested for the AIDS virus by Friday as police hunted a promiscuous carrier of the disease who is believed to have had sex with more than 100 women.

Police were focusing their search for the suspect, who they said was probably an Iranian citizen living under a false identity, on Stockholm after a tip he may have returned to the area.


Hundreds of women were horrified when police broke the strict Swedish privacy law and published the name and photograph of an HIV-positive man who claimed his name was James Kimball.

"We have spoken to 120 women who said they had sex with him," Sjoblom told Reuters.

This was after police found an address book belonging to the man -- wanted on a rape charge -- in a raid on his Stockholm apartment. The notebook contained the names of about 200 Swedish women aged around 20 with ratings of their sexual performance.
Iran arrests HIV-positive man suspected of dozens of rapes in Sweden: press

Iran arrests HIV-positive man suspected of dozens of rapes in Sweden
TEHRAN (AFP) Oct 22, 2003

Iranian police have reportedly arrested an HIV-positive Iranian wanted in Sweden on charges of having unprotected sex with scores of women, many of them drugged and raped, before fleeing the country.

The official Iran daily said Wednesday that the man, identified only as Mehdi, was arrested two months and is being held in Tehran's Evin prison.


The newspaper cited Swedish sources as saying Tayeb had unprotected sex with 140 women there between 1993 and 1998, with 20 to 25 of them having been drugged and raped. He allegedly also had sex with men.


According to Swedish press reports, Tayeb had been in Miami, Florida when he assumed the identity of a man named James Kimball, who died in March 1985.

He moved in 1992 to Sweden, where he obtained a residence permit in 1993 and was officially registered as having no income.

America's Most Wanted web site said Tayeb was known to go to discotheques on a nightly basis to pick up women.

It cited officials as saying that on the nights he did not meet a willing candidate he would use the "date rape" drug Rohypnol to incapacitate his victims and then rape them.




if this ugly f**k can get laid there,then all you ethnic guys have no excuse not to take advantage of swedish brown fetish.

and you brothas,have no excuse not to be in Sweden now either,especially since the Chocoholism is stronger among Swedish women then their fetish for olive skinned men(though both are well liked there by the sluts).

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Post by kai1275 » October 7th, 2013, 10:15 pm

He might be ugly but look how assholish and confident he looks! That zipper shirt was pimp back in the day! :lol: :lol: I bet E. Irrizarry rocked some of those back then too! Getting all kinds of play. HAHA!

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Post by C.J. » October 7th, 2013, 10:29 pm

This just proves that westerners, regardless of location, are f***ing fools. Any man who lets his brain think for him instead of his genitals, will do well to stay the hell away from there for romantic pursuits.

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