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Do Spanish speaking guys have an advantage with Filipinas?

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Do Spanish speaking guys have an advantage with Filipinas?

Post by Johnny1975 » October 11th, 2013, 9:25 pm

Do guys from Spanish speaking countries, particularly Spain, have an advantage with Filipinas?

I'm Spanish, and I feel that I do. Or maybe I don't. But I wondered if anyone with some knowledge about this (maybe Ladislav) could clarify.

Also, what about guys from other Spanish speaking countries?

A couple of times when chatting with filipinas on dating sites I've been asked if I'm Filipino, which I find weird. I don't look Filipino at all.

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Post by Robert77 » October 11th, 2013, 9:55 pm

outside the US no one sees latinos as a people.....

if you're from spain then you are white and they'll see u as a european which is a plus in the philipines (sp) especially considering spain colonized the philipines just like they did to mexico, sort of the colonial lords, your chances as a spaniard in asia and similar to any other european or white american male.

as far as latinos, it depends..... white looking latin americans will also be a good catch in asian women's minds and they'll be grouped with the white people, i met argentinians whore mongering in vietnam and they were western white people in the eyes of the vietnamese..... and to be honest in my eyes too, white latin americans are not very different from any white people anywhere.... THEY'RE THE SAME WHITE PEOPLE YOU WOULD SEE IN AMERICA OR EUROPE BUT BORN IN LATIN AMERICA.

The amerindian types of latinos (you know the brown ones) they look asian so they might not be as appealing, though they might get plus points for being foreigners from out of asia.... so a mexican brown indio or mestizo goes to south east asia and tells them he's mexican he;ll get p***y for the exotic factor but looks wise he wont really stand out.

black latinos, depends on the individual asian woman.... dominicans will be seen as black

basically the concept of being latino does not exist outside america
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