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Clubbing Experience

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Clubbing Experience

Post by RedMenace » October 12th, 2013, 12:20 pm

Went on my first clubbing session last night. Initially I was skeptical but I tried to relax on the way there. Got in and the first thing that hit me was the loud music. My virgin ears have been desecrated. I still feel a ringing sensation the morning after. I was 100% sober all throughout the night which lasted about 5 hrs. When I was on the dance floor I began to psych myself up and moved a little. Then as the night went on I got into the groove and just let go lol. Danced and grinded on a blonde female for about an hour. She kept positioning herself round towards me lol. That's how I knew she wanted it. Only I didn't make any more or escalated the situation by touching her and shit. I made a promise to my Shanghainese "friend" so I just enjoyed myself by grinding on this chick.

I got use to the loud music and aggressive base and was so exhausted that it seemed like I was drunk. I have to say clubs are far more fun compared to bars. It seemed like I was a party animal all along and I didn't need alcohol to let go and enjoy myself. That I think is a very good thing and more people should try it. Onto the blond chick. She kept looking at me and smiling and her cock-blocking house mates were just smiling at me lol. :lol: Her other girl friend was also there. I think she didn't just full on bend over for me to grind because that will make her look like a slut. She did it slyly lol by positioning herself subtly. The club was to say the least a raging sausage fest. So many guys trying to cock block me. When will position themselves between me and this chick. Then she will subtly move back in and position herself right next against me when there was space haha. And once she went to go buy drink, she came back and did the same thing. lol If I wanted just to get laid I think clubs are a great place. All I had to do was isolate this chick from her cock-blocking housemates and she would be coming with me. She wasn't drunk lol. Oh and some other girl grabbed my ass. Tall half decent chick. Most girls in there were ugly lol but the guys were fighting over them. So much cock-blocking goes on in clubs.

All in all clubs aren't the best place to meet decent girls but if you are looking to just get laid then they are one of the best. I gathered a lot of intel from my drunk housemates. About their sexual exploits and such lol. It seemed the one bitch I had a problem with the first night we went out, now has problem with everyone else in the house and some other girls who are friends with one of my housemates. Oh she told my other house mate she is horny lol, but she never seems to get any guy even though she dyed her hair blond and dresses provocatively. Her face I would say is between 5.5/6.5. You guys might consider her "hot" since most dudes are just too damn horny and their standards are on the floor. She has no ass but some above average rack size. Everyone thinks she is a b*tch because she gets offended by every damn thing. She says nobody should use her cutlery, yet she eats other people's food. I just smile when speaking to her because I try to put my enemies off by showing an opposite express and kindness. Haha :lol: that puts them off guard and makes it easy for them to divulge all their secrets which I can use later. Right now I know how to make her so mad to the point where it will affect her life. I have become good at observing people and seeing past their looks to see what lies within their personality.

Anyways do you guys think I should make a move on the next girl that I grind on the next time I go clubbing or just enjoy the grind and move on?

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Post by Jeremy » October 12th, 2013, 4:34 pm

Clubs merely sell the illusion of sex. The only guys at those places who are getting laid came with their girlfriends. It amazes me how single guys line up every week to throw their money away and f**k up their sleep schedules.

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Post by jamesbond » October 12th, 2013, 5:43 pm

Jeremy wrote:Clubs merely sell the illusion of sex. The only guys at those places who are getting laid came with their girlfriends. It amazes me how single guys line up every week to throw their money away and f**k up their sleep schedules.
Tell me about it. Like Winston has said, bars and clubs in America are NOT a good place to meet people. All you do is get a few drinks in your system, smoke in your hair and a few attacks to your ego!

I avoid bars and clubs like the plague! One night stands in America basically don't exist, although pickup artists make it sound like every guy is getting a one night stand every weekend! That is more propaganda spread by PUA's.
"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."

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