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Modern Society is Sucker Powered

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Modern Society is Sucker Powered

Post by fschmidt » October 13th, 2013, 10:32 pm

If modern society is so terrible, why does it function so well? Why do Modernist countries prosper and things continue to work better than in the rest of the world? The answer is that modern society is sucker powered.

Modern society grew out of a Christian culture that was moral. One of the strengths of a moral society is that it engenders loyalty. Loyalty to a group is a strong masculine trait. (Women tend to have loyalty based on family or personal connections.) When men feel loyalty to society, they are honest and hard-working. And it is this loyalty that makes society work.

The Christian society of the 1600s through the 1800s really was moral and well deserved the loyalty that men had for it. But the decay came gradually and the loyalty has not yet eroded. We no longer have a moral Christian culture, but the culture of loyalty remains. Children salute the flag and sing the national anthem and are told stories of loyalty from the past. So most men remain loyal to society. The problem is that this loyalty is no longer deserved. Modern society is immoral. It is run by parasites for their own benefit. The parasites in power are smart enough to recognize the value of the loyalty of regular men, so they continue to promote this. This loyalty translates into higher profits for corporations and more money for the parasites at the top.

Regular men are suckers because they are loyal to a society that abuses their loyalty and gives them little in return. Their median income has been stagnent or dropping since 1975. Men no longer have stable families and modern divorce law is designed to encourage women to divorce in order to provide the parasite men with a large pool of sluts. In every way, life is becoming worse for average men, but loyalty is a hard bond to break.

This isn't to say that I sympathise with these suckers, the regular men. In fact they are horrible people. Because these men are loyal to an immoral society, they fight all moral forces that oppose it. They constitute an army in support of immorality. They are the policemen who defend slut-walks, the soldiers who kill innocent people in other countries for the benefit of the American corporate elite, and they are the type of men who hate men like me because I criticize their society.

American men are especially nasty people. They are shallow and emotionally insecure. They are self-righteous and attack anything that they don't agree with. But instead of attacking a position on its merits using logic and facts, they inevitably resort to personal attacks. They cannot tolerate criticism or anything that threatens their fragile egos. I think the reason for this is that American men are the most undersexed in the world. Even if they aren't incel, most single men get sex far less often than they would like. Married men in America are often sexually deprived by their wives (which is insane, of course). Undersexed men tend to be cranky to begin with. But worse, such men become highly status conscious because they subconsciously understand that status is critical to sexual success. This is why they have such fragile egos and why they take the slightest criticism so personally. In other countries, prostitution is a reasonable option, so men aren't nearly as undersexed. This also applies to married men because a wife will be much less likely to withhold sex if she knows that her husband can easily get it somewhere else.

But I remain in America. America works because these suckers still deliver the mail, fix the roads, or do whatever their job is. They do this in spite of the fact that their real income continues to decline and their sex lives are miserable. I benefit from this in terms of convenience.

This cannot continue indefinitely. As quality of life continues to decline for men, men will start waking up and recognizing their misplaced loyalty. This is what the MGTOW movement is about. As this happens, Modern society will increasingly resemble the corrupt third world. The reason that poor countries don't function is because regular men in these societies have no loyalty to society, so they feel no reason to reliably deliver the mail, fix the roads, or do whatever their job is. Instead, they just try to figure out how to take the most for themselves. The third world is simply MGTOW fully realized.
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Post by djfourmoney » October 14th, 2013, 1:43 am

Overall I agree and this is why a Men's Rights Movement just won't work and hasn't in the past unless it involved a common cause. In years past it was Local Unions, but since that has been dismantled by business elites, its very man for himself.

There are few people that engage in personal attacks here, I am even guilty of it at times but I sort of get tired of some of the hairbrain stuff that's posted here.

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Post by Ghost » October 15th, 2013, 5:18 am

America may be the most successful experiment ever done in the effectiveness of brainwashing. I think you're spot-on about the egos, too. American men are so worthless that their egos are massive. Society won't change largely because of this. After years of being told that it is the greatest country on earth, they refuse to look objectively and see if it is really true. And so they never question their society, which is essentially a liberal death cult. I don't feel sorry for them either. I'm already living abroad, and since the suckers keep the system running, I think of it as I've already gained some advantage off their backs. It allows guys like me to still have opportunities to live abroad (for example getting an ESL job in part because you're American.) I wish I could think of much more effective ways to (legally) pillage modern culture.

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Post by Cornfed » October 15th, 2013, 8:09 am

It is surprising there is not more resentment against the ruling class. Some still admire them, even though they are clearly just vermin who are wrecking everything. Maybe one day the average man will finally come to his senses.

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