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Do US veterans deserve respect/donations for serving?

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Post by Cornfed » October 28th, 2013, 10:31 pm

HouseMD wrote:
Cornfed wrote:
Devil Dog wrote:
Cornfed wrote:[] I'm pretty sure they also wouldn't consider it a success to surrender their daughters to corporate whoredom in the way you do either.
lol. It really burns your a** that my daughter who is only a few months out of college is earning probably triple or quadruple what you are, doesn't it?
Lol, yeah I'm really jealous that I too can't be paid a fortune to turn up at an office wearing tight clothing, give out the odd blow job and be used as a cum dumpster at corporate functions, as has always been my ambition.:roll:

Actually, the situation does burn my a**, but not quite for the reason you seem to think.
I have a feeling your knowledge of the corporate environment is limited to television. These days sleeping with the boss isn't a fast track to promotions, it's career suicide. Usually only secretaries and interns are that dumb. Most corporate ladies actually have miserable sex lives due to a lack of partners that make more money than they do.
Eh, television doesn’t depict them as the hoes that they are. The obvious goal over time is to turn all attractive females into a giant communal harem that only the ruling class can tap into. Hence you are likely right that corporate whores sleeping with their immediate boss is career suicide now, assuming the boss is a man. These days their immediate boss is likely to be another female, in which case quite likely they are expected to sleep with her. This also is part of the reason they are paid so much, despite being lazy assholes with no technical abilities and joke degrees in the main. High pay will cause them to distain men who are paid less and so be the exclusive fuckdolls of the elite.
Spinsterhood is more likely than whoredom.
Whoredom followed by spinsterhood/crazy cat ladydom, like most other Western sluts.

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Post by Jester » October 30th, 2013, 8:14 am

momopi wrote:...before you donate:

The American Red Cross has overhead of 10% and delivers 90% of its money on programs that helps people: ... orgid=3277

Compared to the National Veterans Services Fund, with 81.6% overhead and delivers only 18.4% of its money to help Veterans: ... orgid=7591

That is, for every dollar donated to the National Veterans Services Fund, the Veterans only get 18.4 cents.
I agree with your larger point here, some of he veterans charities are quite mercenary.

However I do want to add, even though Red Cross enjoys great respect, and I have had a couple of positive interactions with them, they also are known for raising money for causes after the cause has totally been funded. In other words they too have become corporatized. To me charity is ideally given directly to those who need it, like good old St Nicholas used to do it, dropping it down the chimney. (Must not have been paper money.)

If giving through an organization, IMO, give to an organization directly involved in a cause you directly believe in.

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