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Asian men/latino are very desired by women of all races

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Asian men/latino are very desired by women of all races

Post by theprimebait » November 12th, 2013, 4:01 am

Ive been on asian male.white female blogs lately and seen some handsome as hell asian dudes.I notice that most arent aprticurly handsome(nor ugly)but when they are handsome,God Damn,they are handsome. ... ost2701604

these asian guys are goodlooking and get pretty white girls(see bottom girl especially)

never seen a other race man with a white girl of that Caliber.

its like this:

when dating interracial,white women usually go for euro type Hispanic men(as interracial stats show,wherever hispanics/mexicans are the interracial rate skyrockets and the numbers are equal between hispanic men out marriage and women outmarriage),chicago alone has 100,000 such couples,wich is half of all bm/wf couples in america,I think L.A alone has more latino/white female coupels than black and asian man couples with white women)),after hispanic men they go for black men and asian men equally(interracial cohabitation figures show roughly similar rates of am/wf and bm/wf couples) ... ng-out.pdf ... 53109980/1
FACT: Hispanics and specifically Hispanic men in every region of USA but mostly in Texas and California ( MEXICANS) had the highest amounts of rates of interracial marriage and children with mothers other than hispanic.

FACT: In nearly every state hispanics again made up highest out births, highest rates of interracial marriage.

FACT: 87% of latina women whom had a child with a man of another race did so with white men. Only 10% did so with black men.

FACT: Almost equally for every latina with a black man a latino man was with a black woman! The differences are 5% between males/females.

FACT: Most interracial couples in America , and most interracial children are between whites/latinos , mostly in the Southwest. With Texas and California making up almost 40% of all IR in America. As a numbers game tehir are 3x as many Mexican American and Mexican nationals with other races than their are blacks. In fact there are more whites with mexicans, more asians with mexicans, more black females than any other racial COMBO!
loridas latino population has alot of white latinos. Cubans-Venezuelans-Brazilians-Nicaraguans. Ive never been but what has been reiterated to me and what Ive read is that those are the latinos doing the mixing. I mean just check out a show like 48 hours and youll see "supposed latinos" in Florida.

The Southwestern USA, ( home to Mexicans ) was where the majority of interracial births and marriage happened. Texas and California had the largest shares but Ill give you a breakdown HOMEBOY from those pew stats and the other link I posted. Also dude in nearly every state where we mixing it up , we usually account for 75% of all the totals. As an example:

California: 400,000 white/mexican mixes. 30,000 Asian/mexican mixes. 50,000 black/mexican mixes.

AGAIN : for that argument that s is f***ing our bitches, out of those 50,000 black/mexican couples in California, the ratio MALE TO FEMALE was off by 5%. So nearly undistingusihable.

So for every knocking a Mexican chick a Mexican was knocking a s female. :shrug: WHICH SHOULD NOT BE THE CASE, considering how much we outnumber blacks.

Again back to California.

it leads the nation in mixing holding up to 25% of all mixing nationwide and Mexicans account for 75% of those mixes in Cali. The other big mix was Asian females and white males. But stats wise blacks were the lowest IR marriage and births.

The largest non-white group to mix it up in America isnt Puerto Ricans and or Cubans. Its Mexicans. Not Asians, not blacks. Mexicans.

Heres another good example:

Ive met Mexicans from the chi. They told me white females loved Mexicans out there well, they obviously werent lying.

Over 100,000 Mexicans kncoking them white girls in the Chi. In perspective HOMEBOY:

100,000 is about a 1/3 of the total black interracial marriages nationwide. So stats wise ESE, my people out in Illinois are knocking all types of different races. If the numbers are consistent, we doing the most mixing out there with everyone again.

In almsot every state where Mexicans had any numbers the Interracial marriage and births skyrocket. Our numbers of mixes in Texas accounts for all the mixing blacks had.

Our numbers are high because ALL WOMEN LOVE MEXICANS. I mean if I wanted to use a argument? :tiphat: ... mP8znC8CnF

what I noticed is:

Asian men do not have wide appeal among women,but when they DO get another race's woman,they get high quality.

Latino men if average height and not overly amerindian looking also get quality white women and asian/black women etc

especially if they got that Chicano Cholo style(tatoos,snapbacks)

Black men get nice white girls too,BUT they tend to be slutty/promiscouis,have some identity issues...wich isnt a bad thing(who would reject a slut)..but in the long term isnt nice.or fetish(wich is bad for LTR,if shell sleep with you for your race,shell sleep with anyone of you race)

now Im not saying anything to upset anyone,just what I observe as a general rule.

Asian men:

if you want a white woman,and I mean hot white woman that ahs class,than you gotta fit the niche.

Niche game is the ONLY method of DATING UP.this niche for you is KPOP and ANIME.

go to anime conventions,meet ups,social networks etc

these girls exclusively want an asian guy.its simple.

black men:you gotta visit the RNB clubs,and rasta clubs,you gotta apply niche game too,or youre not gonna get anything quality.

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