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hottest women date average looking guys

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Re: hottest women date average looking guys

Post by Rayn » November 17th, 2013, 9:31 am

navigator wrote:
Rayn wrote:And was it a coincidence that whenever I come across a girl who's easy to talk to, easier to ask to hang out with, have plenty of interesting things to do / topics to talk about together, mature in the inside and the outside.....she also happens to be pretty? I don't think so.

Sure there are exceptions here and there but the general rule can be observed quite clearly.
In my experience, easy-going females in America usually fall under one of four categories:

- very attractive and secure women (most often in a committed relationship, though)
- older women in their 40s and up (though this age group has no shortage of women with nasty attitudes either)
- lesbians (not the man-hating bulldyke types)
- first-generation women who haven't been Americanized yet (this is the group with which I've had the most romantic success in the U.S.)

The worst women are usually average-looking, single white girls between 18-30 whose egos have been inflated due to the screwed-up sexual dynamics in this country that enable 5s, 6s, and 7s to act like they're 9s and 10s. I avoid these types like the plague.
Yes, very attractive women are most often in a commited relationship. That is natural, considering how women treasure committed relationships over hookups and they would use their looks to their advantage to get men to commit to them. There has been a study done as well proving that it is the lower-tired plain janes who are most likely to be slutting around ... -truth-24/

Again take a look at the clubs downtown. If you look closely enough the girls you see skanking around and basking in the attention of their beta male orbiters, they really don't look that hot at all.

But you know what's funny? What's funny is that how men nowadays think they can go down the 'whoremonger path' while travelling abroad and nab themselves a hottie or two. As if they think the top-tier women, with the choice of a commited relationship with a quality man wide open for them would be slutting around at the bar drinking themselves stupid and waiting for some random douche to pull them in for a night of sex they would later regret.
Hence all those stories of Western men going for bottom-of-the-barrel chicks in Thailand and other Asian countries...

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Post by xiongmao » November 17th, 2013, 6:20 pm

Interesting thread which I've re-read in the context of my new lady.

I'm definitely Mr Average, but I'm now seeing a lady who's at least an 8. She is a rare thing - a beautiful woman who is also very smart.

Anyway, I know she's hot because she has other guys doing all sorts of things for her, from allowing her to use their lighters, to getting other guys to take photos of us etc. etc. Plus one guy told me she was hot.

How have I found her? Mostly by upping the age range.

Why does she like me? Because her last (presumably rich and very alpha guy) had about 5 girlfriends. And also her father is the same personality type as me (there's an interesting story there).

The downside to dating a hot woman? Well she spends a long time getting ready to go out, and an absolute age in the washroom. Grrrr.

Well anyway, I'm not sure where this is heading but today was a great day out with a very beautiful woman :)
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