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SUmmary of the Canadian / US System of Government

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SUmmary of the Canadian / US System of Government

Postby Bao3niang » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:53 am

1. The Democrats / Liberals take a turn on stage by feeding the people with a bunch of lies like free health care, education reforms, etc. Then the Republicans / Conservatives take the stage by blaming the Democrats for being unconstitutional or even Socialist and all yeah and recite their own BS like "serving God and country."

2. In the end nothing gets done because the people are too irrational and get brainwashed by getting tossed back and forth in opinions.

3. The politicians behave like children and refuse to cooperate with one another because they are total ******s too concerned about their false sense of pride and false reassurance that everything is still in paradise. Even during today's national crises there is no united front because the people running the country are more concerned about how cooperating with the other party/parties will weaken their own dominance and influence, rather than considering the nation's long term and short term situation.

4. The obssession with political correctness comes from the fear that if the truths about the USA/Canada were revealed, it would have a negative psychological effect on the people, making them harder to manipulate. By keeping alive the delusions of freedom, democracy, and nationalist supremacy, the majority are kept from rebelling at least for now.

5. When a nation's government refuses to acknowledge any of its problems even remotely yet still feeds the people a bunch of lies, it is delusion based mass control. Deep down the US/ Canadian government is afraid of a more educated population, as they realize the more educated the people are, the less likely they will behave like sheep. Therefore, ignorance is bliss, as it gives the political parties more opportunities to blame and screw each other.

6. US / Canadian government=Elected by dumb people, for screwing the country.....

I think the best system of government is a republic where there is 1 majority party, and the smaller parties may never get elected but still have a voice. Sort of like a coalition government.

I'm no expert on politics, so here's just my 2 cents.
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