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War between Black Americans, feels like a Catch 22

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Post by ForeverBatman » December 5th, 2013, 12:36 am

I am an African American

A lot of African Americans are not pro-African American...they are just very culturally African American.

The problem is, a lot of African Americans that disassociate with African Americans look down on African Americans and big up other groups of people for whatever reason.

Or, a lot of African Americans that hang out with African Americans see other African Americans that exclusively hang out with other groups of people feel as if those African Americans do not like their own kind.

And this has been going on since Africans got off the slaveship

As someone that has operated with African Americans and other groups of people because of being a military brat and living mainly abroad...I can clearly see why African Americans that hang out with other African Americans will feel some type of way about African Americans that primarily hang out with non African Americans.

Because African American culture has always been shitted on for being less intellectual, less sophisticated, crude, and low. And actually that's the representation of African Americans and when other African Americans hang out with other races...African Americans really think they are being enlightened or becoming cultured on some Boogie bullshit.

Like because they listen to J-Pop or watch anime or listen to the Beatles they are somehow better than the African American that watches Martin and listens to 2Chains. It's like African Americans have to prove they have "culture". Which is very f***ing stupid.

It's like the White guy that thinks he is so cool and down because he only listens to Hip Hop and Motown records and now all of a sudden, he's the coolest White guy ever.

African Americans can be the most elitist boogie group of people ever and I have seen it which is why I rather hang out with African Americans that only do African American shit than the ones that will go hang out with White and Asian people and act like they are being coming enlightened every time they go to an MGMT concert or a Tiesto concert because African Americans don't listen to Techno in heavy numbers.

White people can do exclusively White people shit and nobody bats an eye. Asian people do exclusively Asian shit.

But African Americans do exclusively African American shit? Oh must go travel and get cultured and become enlightened and hang out with other races of people because you are probably ignorant.

Point is, African Americans have an inferiority complex, then they do anything that isn't African American, they'll gain a Superiority Complex, then they wonder why nobody in the African American community f***s with them. I have fought off a giant superiority complex because I lived in foreign places for a number of years and I been exposed to non African American shit.

Then I decided to really go and learn about African American culture, besides what BET feeds America and then I really came to appreciate the culture.

The African Americans that can appreciate African American culture and people don't get a big ass head when they watch Anime or when they step outside the USA. They actually try to relate and cultivate a sense of community.

Instead of the always, "But they don't like me because I don't listen to Hip Hop music..."

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