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The Tyranny of Forced Education

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The Tyranny of Forced Education

Post by Bao3niang » November 20th, 2013, 7:14 am

To begin, FORCED and ONE WAY / advancement based compulsory education is tyrannical.

By "compulsory education" I mean the current system where it is based on academic exams, getting to the point where teachers just "teach the test" rather than teach real knowledge. So basically the sole motivation is to pass SAT, gaokao, or whatever..... While I do agree that we all have to know things like reading, writing, and fundamental mathematics, schools are taking it too far by shoving it beyond what is healthy and necessary for most people. Emphasis placed on knowing right and wrong, or following the orthodox interpretation. A possible solution is to make the "free school" more common.

As for free schools I don't mean completely free, but where students and staff all take part in making policies through attending meetings, and the final decision rests on the school's administrative board. These meetings should not be forced, but being given a voice, I believe many students would attend. Another possibility is that maybe at the end of each month, students will be given an opportunity to write and express their concerns towards the school if they have any. Yet a third possible solution is to have a section on the school website for filing recommendations or complaints.

So basically the students have a voice, but there also wiser individuals to keep everything in check. Also I'd suggest the abolishing of tests after elementary school and more focus on seminars and writing. It must become more important that students know HOW to communicate knowledge in their own way, not just presenting information according to a dictated format. This will get the students to decide for themselves WHAT is necessary to communicate the knowledge effectively so that others will understand, rather than being told what must be included.

Comments should be more important. This forces teachers to think more rather than just give out numbers. Too many teachers nowadays are dumb and not qualified enough to be educators. While there will be some of you who object to this and say that it gives room for too much subjectivity and personal bias, but that's why I have proposed grading to be based on seminar / discussion style projects while abolishing tests. Also, instead of the teacher doing all the marking, the students should mark each other's assignments following certain criteria, as well as their own thoughts and opinions on each other's presentations.

Schools are not producing thinkers and individuals, but "citizens" AKA happy slaves of society.....
Every curriculum is based on what the creators believe is an ideal society, and how we can conform to their ideal society. No matter how comprehensive and well-rounded they claim it is, or how different it is from other curriculums, the end goal is still to get you to go through a system.

There are political reasons for this as well. It will not benefit the policymakers (in most countries) to produce non-conformists and free thinkers (quote HouseMD on this part). The purpose of a society is to program and control the behavior and beliefs of people. While I do agree that we are all programmed to an extent and some things apply everywhere, giving in to the system such as the North American / Anglo and the East Asian system will make you a workaholic / robot/ zombie.

To my fellow brothers and sisters who are trapped in the misery of a workaholic / conformist culture, I encourage you to make a stand for your own well-being and resist in any way possible and ASAP!

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Post by SilverEnergy » November 20th, 2013, 6:28 pm

It's simple, learn how to start your own business and become an investor.

You should only get a "job" as a gateway to becoming a business owner and an investor.

Robert Kiyosaki knows better than most of the crippling effects of our educational system that churns out zombie employees.
"Allow me to show you the Power Cosmic!" - Silver Surfer

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