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A word to those who think foreign women are "influenced

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A word to those who think foreign women are "influenced

Postby rudder » Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:44 am

Rayn wrote:
Bao3niang wrote:America's values have totally corrupted the world. What I notice with Chinese women nowadays is that they have also begun to play mind games and the oh-so-dreaded "friend zone". What I worry is that one day everywhere in the world will become like USA/Canada/UK. Time is running out!

Yes friendzones were commonly employed by women who have been influenced by America's values, if you could only say it that way. But friendzoning could only happen when the guys around the women act like beta orbiters in a bid to win their affection. Again, this is a Western-like trait with men acting passive-aggressive and wishy-washy rather than going after what they really want - and moving on quickly when they notice disinterest in the woman's part.

This notion that all the women around the world are turning into horrible women is so popular on this forum. How can it be true? Just from the advent of TV and social media websites? I mean just check out Latin America, women there get high off of the attention from men just like in the USA. And just like in the USA, they won't sleep with every guy that approaches them. Do you think that's learned behavior? I think it's called being a woman.

Anyway, I won't play the devil's advocate and totally write off the theory that the same global power structure is technologically mediating human-interaction worldwide via grantwriting to proposals that favor feminism or related dogma written into television scripts and the like. I mean just look at the show Dancing with the Stars. There is essentially the same show in Peru called, "El Gran Show" and there is also the same sort of TV show in Mexico.

Yet, people who preach that American or western ideals are polluting women everywhere, what do you found your beliefs on? What tangible, objective proof do you have? :?:
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Postby The_Adventurer » Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:27 am

They are not founded on travel. Anyone who has traveled would know immediately that this is not the case. Japan has become corrupted with NO HELP from American media. They have gone their own completely different way and have their own set of problems. They still don't have any real femenism there. It is still a man's world.

Philippines, however, is the most American media influenced country in Asia. They speak English and watch American movies and TV shows AS IS. They don't even show their own films in the cinema except around film festival time. Yet their women are perceived by many to be the best.
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Postby djfourmoney » Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:04 pm

Never let a simplistic statement dominate a much more complex conversation.

Its preposterous to think that women around the world "are the same".

I don't even worry about those people anymore.
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Postby C.J. » Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:40 pm

The_Adventurer wrote:Japan has become corrupted with NO HELP from American media. They have gone their own completely different way and have their own set of problems. They still don't have any real femenism there. It is still a man's world.

Japan has bent over for the satanist scum and embraced western values. They don't show it heavily of course. And in many ways Japan has resisted such control. However, once you say "Yes", it all goes downhill from there.

Japan is a different breed of "f***ed up", but they went to hell in a handbasket the same way the US or Britain did. They ARE western allies after all.
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