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Manosphere Myths: The p***y Paradise

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Post by TopSpruce » December 21st, 2013, 11:42 pm

theprimebait wrote:Europe is the last place to look for a traditional just doesn't exist.the typical russian woman has been f***ing since age 12 and has done p4p(atleast 70 % ),they are cold,and will act in line aslong as you show the $$$.

southern europe?lol that place is more promiscous than northern europe.not many hotties there either.

these are the places to look,my def of traditional is virginity,used to seeing male discipline(aka won't leave you for beating them)and stay at home :

Tibet.simple.beautifull women and valuing virginity aswell as being a dedicated partner.

Chinese women.amazing women.if you look in the rural,educated.

Mexican amerindians.good loyal,pretty women(if you look in oaxaca and the tribes that are more nahua influenced instead of maya,maya are buttugly) etc

Ethiopian women.DIMES.all of them are goodlooking and all of them are being married at a very young time.most marry before age 18.Strong Christian Orthodox Values.

Christian(usually Assyrian,aramaic) middle eastern women.can find them all over south America and southern turkey!join a church in south turkey.find a virgin Christian ME girl.prettiest women on earth!

White spanish women in colombia!if you can get your hands on one.youre set!they have a considerable amount of virgins and the ones that arent maybe had 1 or 2 boyfriends(too much for me,but many white guys differ).

Now I could mention REAL traditional places but I am including both goodlooking and traditional.


if a girl is easy.if a girl sleeps with you easily.she isn't traditional.lmao sorry but the places to look for a wife aren't the places you ask:where can I get laid easy?

if she wears provacative clothing and does provacative poses in her photos,don't pass that shit up as traditional:You're fooling noone,and youre getting what you ask for.

and sorry but while alot of desi girls are bomb as f**k..they only marry their own caste and other hindus.most look like trolls,however.

if you want to f**k desi girls I'd recommend Trinidad and British guyana.totally open women,Desi girls without all the hindu BS of their indian cousins.

pretty open for f***ing.they reportedely look way better too.
How do you meet Christian middle eastern girls? I imagine learning arabic is difficult.
What jobs can you find there?

What about Armenia?

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Post by theprimebait » December 22nd, 2013, 1:48 pm

Armenia has alot of virginal women but I don't think beauty is a national asset.

but yeah most caucuses women stay clean.

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