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Redpill on women

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Redpill on women

Postby theprimebait » January 1st, 2014, 2:35 pm

I think most guys know that girls and women lie about how many guys they’ve slept with.

I agree. Most guys probably do think females lie about the number of partners they’ve had, but I don’t think guys realize that females also lie to themselves. They try not to remember how many guys they’ve slept with because it’s painful for them; it makes them feel worthless. So they try to disassociate themselves from some of their sexual experiences. Several women told me their “realâ€￾ number of sexual partners was different than the number they admitted to. Many of the women I interviewed said they had certain criteria that determined whether a sexual experience counted in their eyes, because counting all sexual experiences made them feel bad about themselves.

On Penis Size

Okay. In that particular case, it would have been better to tell the guy he had a little dick. But, I am curious…why does the size of a man’s penis matter so much?
You’re kidding me, right?
No, I’m not kidding. Why does it matter?
When females are in their prime, they want to have intercourse. If a man has a small penis, a woman doesn’t feel anything. It’s just common sense. If you stick your finger into an empty mason jar you don’t feel anything, do you? A larger penis stimulates the clitoris.

On Dicks vs Money

Men have always had to compete for women. They just compete with money.
But that leveled the playing field for all men, unattractive men and men with small penises.
You’re right. Every guy knows, little dick or not, as long as he has cash he can get a woman.
Yeah, but what happens when women don’t need money, when they have their own money, when they have the opportunity to provide for themselves? The problems we’re facing today in our relationships are directly related to the fact that women are now in a position to provide for themselves. Many women no longer fear for their survival or financial support.
When a woman doesn’t have to worry about herself financially, she’s a lot more interested in physical appearance and sexual pleasure. We are just starting to see glimpses of women’s natural sexual behavior. Our relationships are changing due to the opportunities that women now have.

When women initiate breakups and divorces, they do not feel as much pain as their (beta) LTR men do because...

Let’s back up for a minute. You said breaking attachment bonds is like going through heroin or morphine withdrawal. Why weren’t the women going through withdrawal?
They were, but withdrawal is easier when an individual has one or more intact attachment bonds or is “highâ€￾ on a new partner. Also, the women usually felt quite bonded to their lovers due to the touching and orgasms they were experiencing in their affairs, resulting in increased levels of oxytocin, the bonding molecule. A woman involved in an affair, though suffering, has no idea how much pain her spouse and children are in. The affair acts as an anti-depressant, masking her pain. She will typically grieve much later, possibly several years down the road.

On Society Not Understanding Women's Sexuality

I don’t understand why people don’t talk about this. It just doesn’t make sense.
Because it would require that we acknowledge the female sex drive, including the drive to mate with more than one partner. Women have always been told what they like sexually. Did you know Freud encouraged women to have orgasms through intercourse alone, without clitoral stimulation? I think possibly this misinformation persisted until the 1940s. Can you imagine somebody telling you that the only way you could have an orgasm was if someone stuck a finger in your ass?
My point is, we are still uncomfortable with the idea that women really like sex. The thought of females being naturally inclined to desire multiple sexual partners is something society isn’t ready to acknowledge yet. But I don’t see how we can solve our relationship problems by ignoring this fact.
Females like sex. Many of them don’t know how much until they reach their prime. When women are in they’re prime, they lose their inhibitions and they’re not afraid to say what they want. However, they may be so used to the role they have taken on in their marriages that they don’t feel comfortable sharing that part of themselves with their husbands.

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