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The Resurrection of the Phoenix

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The Resurrection of the Phoenix

Post by Bao3niang » January 3rd, 2014, 8:44 am

The Resurrection of the Phoenix

The phoenix was born, of the utmost grace and elegance.
It was raised by its kin, adored by all.
In its early days, it was a docile bird.

However, as the phoenix grew, it began longing for the blue skies, the lush green forest, and the river that flowed.
When would the day come, when it could finally leave its own nest and spread its wings wide?
When would the day come, when it could finally discover what kind of existence it truly deserved?
For this phoenix refused to be an ordinary one.

Beneath the striking beauty was a spirit of adventure and passion that never was quelled.
Over time, as its desires grew, it began growing frustrated and uneasy.
Its kin could not understand why it would leave, and tried to contain the phoenix so that escape could not be found.
More time had passed. Uneasiness had turned into sorrow. Frustration turned into anger and malice.
Yet the persecution by his own kin failed to cease.
One day, the phoenix was finally consumed by its grief, and died reduced to ashes.

Now, you may think that this would be the end of the phoenix, but it is not true.
Even though it has died once, it shall come back stronger.
One day, it shall finally set itself free, returning in glory.
With its chains unbound, it will rain utter destruction upon all that have tried to keep it imprisoned, whether it be kin or other blood.
For nothing shall stand in the true path, the honorable path of liberty.
There is no greater betrayal than forgetting one's dreams.
When the scoundrels of the earth are still trapped in their own misery, the phoenix is soaring high!
Arise! We shall not be enslaved!

To all my brothers out there suffering persecution from family, society, fight back with vigor and be happier abroad! We are all together!

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