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Choosing the right place to maximize your SMV

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Choosing the right place to maximize your SMV

Postby Dragon » Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:05 am

Source: ... al-market/

Economics 101: Supply and demand.

People are not equal. In the realm of sexuality, every person is worth more or less than the person next to them. Combine your looks, your character and status, and you have a product. The value for that product is determined by demand from the sexual market. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is known as your Sexual Market Value or SMV.

SMV is location dependent.

A fat blonde who wouldn’t bat a eyelid on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, would reach demi-god status in a nightclub in Lagos, Nigeria. Similarly, your average white guy, who struggles with women in the West, would get laid with ease in South East Asia.

You can hit the gym, work on your game, and read 100 books, but the biggest thing most guys can do to increase their SMV is simply… MOVE.

Why? Because this banal act gives you a wild card: NOVELTY.

When I moved to America, my SMV doubled. I do far better than most guys back in Ireland. I was at my peak. But I was at my peak selling burgers. Now, I’m selling steak. The margins are far greater and I’ve customers out the door. In a country with a serious accent fetish, an Irish tongue will get you laid before you even finish a sentence. I’ve seen some ugly lads, who would be considered trolls back home, clean up in the States. All because of NOVELTY.

You can moan about privilege, racism, or unfair advantages, but nobody’s listening. All that matters is results.

If you had a product that was undervalued in the domestic market, but overvalued in the International markets, what would you do?


Move. That’s the no.1 thing you can do to increase your success in the mating game.

Don’t just focus on the HOW in increasing your SMV but the WHERE. If you already have a great product, where can you maximize profits?

Think hard about your life. REAL hard. Are you shortchanging yourself?
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Postby Repatriate » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:29 am

Totally true. Although I do feel that above average and maybe even average looking young white guys with decent jobs probably aren't applying themselves hard enough if they aren't getting laid in the U.S. I feel it's a country where advantages are automatically rigged in favor of white American men so when this demographic complains about not getting laid it raises some eyebrows with me. I understand white American women are for the most part terrible and lay some pretty fatal p***y/monetary traps but not getting laid at all is unusual.

Minorities on the other hand really do need to leverage their value elsewhere. This is especially true with guys who are making tons of money or have big time net worth and are still squandering their social lives in America.
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Postby manly5000 » Mon Jan 20, 2014 12:37 pm

I'm not getting laid here in Amerika for one reason and one reason only -- because I don't want to. Therefore I'm not even trying.

I only have a matter of months remaining before my time to go abroad comes. As desperate for female intimacy as I've gotten, I refuse to screw it all up by playing russian roulette with ameriskanks. No way am I risking it. The reward will be well worth the wait.

Speaking of SMV -- I find myself wondering how attracted the foreign ladies are to extremely muscular dudes... not sure how many of y'all who have already gone abroad fall into that category, but if so some observations or stories would be awesome. Either way I guess I'll find out soon enough. 8)
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Postby theprimebait » Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:41 pm

This is true!a swedish typical girl(maybe 7/10 on attractiveness)would just be another cute girl in scandinavia but a total godess in israel,egypt,india where men will literally chase her and rich men will try and wife her.
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