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Why are white Americans on this site?

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Post by djfourmoney » March 23rd, 2014, 10:27 am

Arabian_prince wrote:@ theprimebait ,

you must be an idiot. You have a secret admiration for White men. You are a self hating Arabic man.

1 - You said White hot women only want white hot men. This is bullshit. White hot women will shag anything that walks with money or fame. They have no problem with nearly any guy. They really have no standards at all.

2 - You said in your blog that White men are at the top of everyone else because all women from all races love them. This is bullshit. The vast majority of non white women want their own local men. Latina women would prefer their own kind over any White men. And Im talking about Latina women from Latina countries, not the ones live in White countries.

Same goes for Japanese women who, btw, have a problem with their own local men but still vast majority would choose Japan men.

Same goes for Arabic women. The vast majority want Arabic men, because our culture emphasis on family and religion while White culture doesnt. I am excluding some Lebenese women and House of Saud women who,of course, will shag any walking or dead white men.

Nearly no women who live outside of White countries prefer White men over locals unless theres money involved or some unusual circumstances. This is all in your head because the Enternatiment Media advertises White men like they advertise a commodity . Nearly most of non white women living outside white countries know that White men are not the family type.
This is sort of true.... But not really...

White women; the majority will date only White men and will date a poor White man before a rich Black/Brown/Yellow man, that's just how it is. No need to harp on it or even worry about it. The vast majority of minority men want to date/marry/procreate with their own women, so that actually evens things out.

I would argue that there are actually more White women interested in marrying Black/Brown/Asian men than there are men that want to reciprocate.

The problem is the minority men that want White woman worry far too much about the majority of women that don't want them and should focus on the ones that do. That does come with a pretty heavy caveat though, such as single mothers, obese women, ugly women and women over 40, sort of the trash that White men have thrown away.

But there also some women spanning the entire "looks" spectrum that will date men of color. I told you what you need to do in order to get them, nothing worth doing is going to be easy.

Even in the best circumstances for men of color especially dark skin Latins and Black men is Brazil (53% of the pop is involved in interracial marriage), the vast majority of White skinned women want either Brazilians who are light to medium tone or White Europeans/Americans. Its just Americans especially fear being targets overseas so personal safety becomes a huge issue many don't overcome so they just go to Europe for vacation/wife shopping.

Plus the few times somebody tried to start a bride agency in Brazil is usually failed. I think of Mark came in with his system things would be different, more on that another time.

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Post by djfourmoney » March 23rd, 2014, 11:03 am

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