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Good Place to Spend a Few Weeks on Vacation

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Good Place to Spend a Few Weeks on Vacation

Postby HouseMD » Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:39 pm

So, I've got a couple months off this summer and was wondering where some good places to visit and just have fun would be. I'm looking to go someplace new, mostly looking toward Asia. I am not looking to get laid, as I currently have a girl, so I'm really just trying to find places that will be the most interesting and lively if I'm hanging out at the bar or whatever. Money isn't an issue, but I usually travel cheap anyway, as I find eating like a local and staying in cheaper hotels tends to give you a better feel for a country than staying in an insulated five star monstrosity resort. I know a lot about Filipino culture, as I dated one for years, and really like Filipinos in general, which makes the PI appealing. China is China- I feel like everyone has to see it before they die, but it'll probably be more difficult to navigate than the PI. Japan seems like another great destination to just have fun and explore. Since I'm not looking to get laid, Thailand is pretty much out- I like the country, but I think I'll save a visit for if/when I'm single again. Anything I'm missing? What would you guys recommend?
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Postby xiongmao » Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:41 pm

Japan is awesome, especially if you like trains, tech, anime, robots or beautiful ladies. Well what man doesn't like some/all of those?

Do some hunting around and you can find really cheap rooms in Tokyo, but just don't take much luggage because they're usually miniscule.

Also you can normally get a 3 month visa on arrival.

I went to Japan without knowing any Japanese. But if you can learn at least the Katakana alphabet then you'll be able to read a whole load of menus and signs.

There's loads to see in Tokyo that's off the beaten track. I found a parasite museum, a condo in the shape of a space ship, and I could possibly be the first foreigner ever to have visited the Kikkoman soi sauce factory. It was such an epic train journey through suburbia to get there I'm sure nobody else has gone there before.
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