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Why should someone play fair?

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Why should someone play fair?

Postby Tsar » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:09 am

I have a long rant written about this subject in general but I decided to condense it into more of a discussion topic.

Young men like myself have no opportunity in this modern world. Only corrupt people win in the world. Look at everyone who earned it big. They were either famous or infamous, powerful and corrupt, blue bloods, plutocrats, born into wealth, a dictator, in positions of political power, and the self-made ones were born at the right time (and they had a lot of luck). Some of the self-made ones might have even stolen their ideas and were able to implement the ideas better than the original person that created them.

If you're a young woman, you get everything. If you're a member of the LGBT community you get everything. Young minorities in the West would also get much more opportunities. But a young man that is white or Mediterranean will get almost no opportunities in America or most of the world. For most of history men had jobs because most women didn't. Most women were taught and knew how to be feminine and many were virgins and pure for marriage. There weren't any mega-corporations. Things weren't saturated. There was less regulation and not too many laws. Moving and relocating abroad was much freer than nowadays. Taxes were much lower relative to what they are nowadays. Honor and hard-work were more rewarded. People that had honor were rewarded. Today playing fair isn't rewarded. People who play fair lose. Everything is designed against young men.

What must be done to win is easy to determine. Al Capone was the son of Italian immigrants. He was born into America at the time Italians faced heavy discrimination and were given very little opportunity. He had no opportunity to better himself and rise the socioeconomic ladder. So he decided to do corrupt things and he won. He made his own opportunity. This is a good example of how people with no opportunity decided they wouldn't play fair, they would break the rules because life was unfair, and they won. The only reason why he lost everything and his life was because he didn't know when to get out. He kept doing it for too long and eventually he lost everything. What he should have done was when he had enough wealth then get out of the mafiosi-type lifestyle and go on to some honest business, like the Kennedy family did (they were bootleggers, one of Al Capone's major income generators was in bootlegging). The Kennedy's got out of the corrupt activities, invested their fortune, and today they are one of the most prominent political and socialite families in America. Al Capone could have done the same. But either way, both Al Capone's story and the Kennedy family's story both are good examples of what it takes. I could name hundreds, maybe thousands of other examples of corrupt people and possibly corrupt people across the world.

People who earned their wealth through pure luck (like a lottery) don't count. People who were born into great wealth also don't really count and people who inherited their wealth also don't count. I'm talking about the typical average people who started off in poverty or as a commoner.

What I want to know is why people say "Life isn't fair" but these same people expect people to "play fair."

I accept that life isn't fair. Since life isn't fair, I know that I won't be playing fair out in the real world. Life is unfair, so I won't play fair.
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Postby drealm » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:23 am

I agree, except I'd add the clause that you shouldn't screw people in your community.
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Postby Tsar » Sun Mar 30, 2014 12:59 am

drealm wrote:I agree, except I'd add the clause that you shouldn't screw people in your community.

I agree. Some of the same people who played unfairly and benefited, helped people in their community or were also charitable philanthropists where they gave to people, helped the poor, or helped wildlife. It was like paying it forward. They had to break the rules to win, but they also helped others by paying it forward.
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