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Why are westernized Chinese chicks so much hotter than fobs?

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Post by Rock » April 1st, 2014, 5:15 pm

Winston wrote:I think it's because:

1) The Chinese girls that grow up in America come from rich families and have access to the best food, nutrition and healthcare.

2) The FOB's that come to America to study tend to be plain or ugly because they can't use their looks to get everything they want in Asia. So they have to get a good education and try to earn their way through life.

3) The best looking foreign girls do not need to come to America. They can get everything they want in their own country.

Go to Taiwan and see the model types there and on TV and you will not think this anymore.
Part of what Jeremy is talking about is curviness and I too have noticed how ABCs and other American born Asians tend to have this more than their sisters back home, esp. in the case of the PRC as I explained above. And kai1275 has explained that the food which adds curves tends to be junk food rich in empty carbs, not high quality food. Perhaps the hormones in American food contribute as well.

The wow girls you often post from China usually lack these curves. Just look at that thread you made about the Chinese girl to die for on a dating site and look at the images of other girls I posted on that thread to see the contrast. I think Jeremy likes some lower body curves, just like me.

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Post by ethan_sg » April 1st, 2014, 5:16 pm

Rock I lived in Beijing for 6 months a few years ago. While I'm currently based in Singapore, I'm literally in various parts of China for about half a month every couple of months, so I'm basically in China for 20-25% of the time each year. I will also be moving to China to settle down later on this year.

Just because you have a personal fetish for wide hips + narrow compact shoulders doesn't mean that you can assume that your personal fetish is a universal standard of beauty for all, and in particular, Asian men, particularly those born in Asia.

It's well known that most white guys have different standards of beauty than most local Asian guys and end up preferring different types of Asian girls. In fact I'm sure you've read about how many Asian guys find that white guys have strange tastes in Asian women.

As an Asian guy with Asian taste in women I will tell you what we look for in an Asian girl in terms of physical attributes

- smooth fair porcelain skin
- slimness
- well defined collar bones and shoulder blades (girls with narrow compact shoulders tend not to have these)
- delicate and feminine facial features
- small waist without fat
- Slim toned legs (certainly not thick ones like you mention)

Unlike you, we don't have an obsession with huge hips and asses. In all these respects mentioned above, there is no doubt in my mind that the girls in China win hands down. ABCs on average are actually shorter than the girls in Beijing due to their primarily southern descent, less in shape with far higher overweight and obesity rates due to the American diet and lifestyle, and tend to lack the smooth porcelain skin which is a prized mark of feminine beauty in North East Asia.

ABC girls also tend to lack good grooming, because of their primarily suburban lifestyles, and tend to have less sophisticated hairstyles and dress sense. Many even frequently wear over-sized clothing because American sizes don't fit Asians well.

I attended university in America and man I had never see such a low concentration of hot girls all my life. I could literally count the number of hot ABC girls in my university (girls I would have had any interest in banging) with my 2 hands. If not for the fact that I was dating a pretty nice looking Taiwanese girl (international student, not ABC) in my university days I think my sex drive would have gone down considerably during that time, because I don't have a thing for a white girls and there certainly weren't enough hot Asian girls around to get me perked up. This was in stark contrast to my experiences in Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai where the women are just the way we Asian men like them.

Go to any fashionable part of Beijing or Shanghai and virtually every other girl is at least reasonably hot, at least by the standards of local Asian men. Try going to some of the top clubs in Beijing one time and believe me and you will be blown away by how beautiful the women are and how good their 身材s are. As for ABC girls, there are so few hot ones around and the very small minority who are think they own the world because there are just so few of them around.

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