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Spreading Femnism

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Spreading Femnism

Post by White » April 12th, 2014, 11:32 am

There's either a misunderstanding or willful ignorance of what it means to spread feminism. I'm just a messenger, so attacking me will do no good.

Part of feminism means spreading government control which allows elites to dominate the population of women and oppress the men. The elites in America are good at this. A long time they destroyed everything our forebears worked and strove for. So now men are basically slaves in the land that their forefathers conquered. A few dumbfuck scumbags won't be able to spread feminism this way obviously, so thank god for that. There are several guys here that are just dumbfucks ready and waiting to spoil decent places abroad. Problem is, they spread feminism the second way.

It's perfectly fine to monger. Go to f***ing BKK and get it outta your system. No shame in that. The problem is when mongers look to spoil more pristine places. Monger in a mongering spot. Don't try to turn normal real women into whores. That's what actual whores are for.

Now, there are actually tons of places out there unspoiled by westerners. Mongers that want to spoil women everywhere are evil, but they aren't too smart usually. They don't put it in much effort to finding these places. Most mongers don't learn languages, blaze unknown trails, and spend $1000s on discovering new countries where they can f**k things up there. That's the bit of good news.

I've done my share of mongering, but I did it in the right places. The way it should be done. My solution to the mongers was to blaze a new trail for myself and a few others, stay out of their reach in places they would probably never find. Doubt any mongers will come where I am, and if they do we're ready for them. Some omega male comes sniffing around our territory, we lay them to rest and that is that. No warnings, no talk.

We do what we have to do to defend our territory. This is the option all decent men should take.

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