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New PAN Essays

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New PAN Essays

Postby PeterAndrewNolan » Sun Apr 20, 2014 1:47 pm

For those of you who want to keep up with what I am doing? I am posting this around on facebooks to let people know what I am up to.

I have now taken to the practice of "If I have something worthwhile to say I will put in into a written essay/comment and I will publish it to CAF, YT, Kickass so that men can have a chance to hear what I have to say."

One of the things I will be doing is to have far less one on one interaction with men answering their questions. Talking to men one on one has proven to be a uniquely fruitless process. The vast majority of such men wasted my time over the last 6 years because what they did was ask questions endlessly and then do nothing useful.

If you want to read my essays? You can go to the link below and you can read them or listen to them on mp3 or YT. I have provided mp3 for those men who like to download audio and listen to it while doing something else. A number of man also mentioned that they have to pay by volume on downloads and YT downloads are larger than mp3 downloads.

I am now working much more on my regular job as opposed to talking to men in the man-o-sphere because most men in the man-o-sphere do not want to listen to the truth and they do not want to live in freedom.

This is why one of my essays is "Men Deserve What is Happening To Them".

My latest essay called "Western Women are Deeply Evil People" is already quite popular with the lads on 4chan. It got 360 views in the first 24 hours from one post on 4chan.

This is where you can find the index to my essays. ... fault.aspx

Of course my books and the back catalogue of more than 200 videos are also available.

I have said enough. Most of what I have had to say is as true today as it was when I said it. Very little of my work has "dated". Men choose to remain ignorant. They choose to refuse to learn. They choose to refuse to listen. And so there is not much point repeating myself to different men who act the same way as the first 100,000+ men I talked to.

In the future my colleagues and I will be focussing on creating the second economy and creating ways for men to live in freedom. We already have the licenses to process residency visas and work permits for Fiji. We can also sell real estate in Fiji. So those men who want to leave the west and relocate to Fiji who have something to offer the guvmint of Fiji? You can talk to us and we can represent your application to the guvmint of Fiji.

You can read about that on this link.
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