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Foreign women are worse than American women

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Foreign women are worse than American women

Post by marklambo » April 23rd, 2014, 1:05 am

I don't tend to agree too much with this video. In any country there will always be both good and bad women. It does not matter where you go. But to make a generalization....foreign women are indeed overall better than American women hands down. A few horror stories of marrying a foreign woman can't compare to the amount of horror stories of marriage with American women. Marriage in general carries a risk but it's all about playing the better odds. Going foreign...your odds of success are always higher in general. What are your thoughts guys?

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Post by QuestionMark » April 23rd, 2014, 2:04 am

Well I think foreign women are better than american women overall.

There was some truth to some of what he said though. There are obviously some americanized gold digging foreign women. But mainly, if you marry a foreign woman and then bring her back to america (also Canada, Aus, New Zealand), after awhile she will undoubtedly become more american culturally (in terms of her attitude, how she acts, how she treats you and communicates with you, and even her perception of men). Because she will socialize with american women once she's here, and they will influence her more than likely. I've seen it with some guys I knew too.

I happen to want to leave the states anyway, so personally I want to be with a foreign woman in her country, and immigrate there or in some other country that's new for both of us, as long as it's not one of the countries I listed above. This way you'lle at least not run much of a risk of her being influenced by ameriskanks.

Edit: Also, if you bring her back to the states, just as the guy in the video said, she may start to see you as american women do, and cheat on you or leave you for some good looking bad boy type that women over here are attracted to.
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Post by SilverEnergy » April 23rd, 2014, 2:11 am

There are bad people everywhere.

Overseas is still much better than America in terms of the quality of women.
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Post by Novem » April 23rd, 2014, 2:37 am

Yeah, I don't agree with this video much either.

You take a woman when she is still young and impressionable and bring her into dysfunctional western culture and are in disbelief about the results? I mean really? Sure, a large percentage can remain insulated from the culture in place, but probably an equally large percentage are likely to change in their extended time here.

The best advice I've read across various sources is to pay attention to who she associates with and stomp out the malcontents when they appear. Who a person associates with gives you a pretty significant indication about what/who they are. Plus, if you managed to pull a women far above your weight class in terms of attractiveness, you have to be aware of that fact when bringing her back. Everything gets compared in the west and the physical mismatch will be brought up by other people around her if she hasn't already noticed it herself.

As for the second part, you need to do your proper research on any woman you are intending to marry. Foreign women included. The ones who are targeting you for your wealth should be easier to spot if you take the time to observe them. If she is a solid girl but highly materialistic, make sure you don't give her unlimited access to all your finances and put her in her place if she is trying too hard to follow the five Cs. Putting all your wealth where she can take it all and exile you is the height of foolishness. Use your higher head more than your lower head even if you think she is the one. Stay grounded. Stay logical.

Overall, this video comes across as defeatist to me and has way too much victimization for my liking. Do your due diligence and properly vet these females. This is a huge investment and needs to be treated like one. If you are going to do something with the possibility to decimate you emotionally and financially you damn well better have your information up to date and contingency plans in place.

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Post by ringspun » April 23rd, 2014, 10:00 pm

They are much the same as American Women in UK trust me on that.

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Post by CrazyCanuck944 » April 24th, 2014, 1:18 am

I just look at the 1.5 million 'temporary foreign workers' that we have living in Canada now. The majority are Filipinas working in fast food places. It always strikes me as so ironic, that the Filipinas will flirt, wink, and message guys when they are online living in the Phils. Makes a guy feel attractive, and that they truly are different.

However, see them shopping for groceries, strolling down the local street, and they tend to look right through you and past you, just like their western counterparts. If you're a young and good looking guy, it's a different story though. So really, women are women.

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