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The Womens Defective Responsibility Gene

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Manson Maan
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The Womens Defective Responsibility Gene

Post by Manson Maan » May 27th, 2014, 10:26 pm

Hello men of the world ( and women too )
Id like to say hello and thank you for having me here. I have been an avid writer on men's issues particularly in light of the instigation and subsequent derailment of feminism world wide and in particular in the western world.

While there are many issues to address here id like to address the most pertinent one in my opinion. While we can go here and there all day long talking about the individual gripes we have with our fe male counter parts what ive done is deconstruct the short comings of western women and found the most basic problem they suffer and I offer some suggestions why that is.

I must refer to one of my favourite scenes in modern cinema, Yes gentlemen, the man that summed up women in one line and that's Mr Udall, played by Jack Nicholson. featured here

While I know this will greatly offend women the fact that it does hits a nerve and truly illustrates my point. That women have a defective
" Responsibility Gene " or at least are developing one as any man can contest these days. I know , I have discussed this with women's groups and they flatly deny they have a problem with responsibility. Denial is of course the first sign of addiction is it not ? hmm fellas ? you know what I mean .. their tireless self congratulation in consumerism , always looking for something , someone to make THEM feel good .. something has to make them feel good or at least better .. and its sad that women have gotten so far down the road of feminist needs and wants and after 40 years of achievement are now at the all time low of happiness ever recorded in history.

Why is that ? can I be blunt here ... when one is hell bent of achieving a goal yet the relentless struggle of doing it and reaching milestones within it never seem to suffice .. this type of person has a problem in looking back at their goal and wondering if they made a mistake ... nooop they just keep shoving it deeper down inside so it manifests deep pangs of misery that eventually come to the surface in the form of un explainable behaviour ... Denial , Accountability , its just because , its my prerogative ... yes yes my dear you are , as always right..

This problem goes back thousands of years and juxtapose men its easy to see that we men have been conditioned over thousands of years of being the servant , the father m the soldier, the builder , the provider to take responsibility for our actions. Its only recently we have been seeing women relentlessly dodge the bullet that we have come to copy and see the benefit .. but its delaying the inevitable in the Karma loop and when that loop comes back it hits harder and harder.

Men have been genetically evolved to take responsibility for their actions , you cannot create societies without doing it. Women now have come into the power roles without earning their stripes , they have gotten up the ladder that men built then expecting , not earning the places of men. Men built these arenas with their blood and sweat and women just want a place in there just because ... well you can try it ladies .. but you gotta be like us to be there .. and take responsibility.

" Do you ever see a man walk into the woods and poke a bear in the eye with a stick and then stand there as if there would be no repercussions ? nope .. but I dare say a women would .. and if she got mauled and eaten by the bear a women's group would rally for the death and destruction of all bears world wide " why ? because they have a defective " Responsibility Gene "

This is something I always shake my head at when women have gripes about equal pay or opportunity at work when Men have built that company , that arena yet they think they are going to get a free ride ? then wonder why they hit the glass celling... its the defective Responsibility Gene that denies their ability to think into the problem. Women if I can address you directly now , if you want equality in business , create your own arenas, build your own companies from the ground up and then instigate the rules you deserve within these companies. Make your own buildings with sweat and tears , deliver your own news papers and stationary , make and install your own furniture and computers .. then look back and marvel at what you created and stand tall by our side and finally realise what it takes to be a man.

The fundamental flaw with feminism is its gone and taken the ideal environment that women love and called it oppression. Now women are at an all time high of unhappiness because instead of getting to stay at home and waddle around in pyjamas , going to lunch dates with their friends, looking after the kids and building a home , they have to get up early , go to work , deal with the day to day and then come home dog dead tired and miserable because they now wish for a life that is simpler , that is easy like it used to be ... then they realise they can do something about it .. yeah , divorce my husband , get half of his wealth ( or more ) and then find a rich man that will spoil her ... yeah why not millions of women every day are doing it .. well at least they were in the 80's and 90's ... today ... the women wonders " where have all the good men gone ? " again deferring responsibility for the conditions they created ... its always somebody else's fault.

Sigh ... hmmm

Lets look now at Single parent families. Since feminism hit our shores divorce hit an all time high , peaking once the courts changed laws to suit " egalitarian " ownership of married assets. Divorce went from 22% in the 50's to over 55% in the 80's with over 78% of these being instigated by women.. those are statistics, not opinion.

The Y generation, have you ever tried to get one of these people to do anything ? or take responsibility for their actions ? try it ... you'll see that are the net result of fatherless families , being solely raised by women and the defective " Responsibility Gene " has passed on. But its the mans fault didn't you know ... yes ? hmmm

Lets look at what happens when women file for divorce

The lawyer tells her

Don't get promoted or better still get pregnant and stop work all together

Start to alienate the children from the father , use any tactic , even call him a paedophile or child beater .. anything to get the kids on your side. You need this to get custody and that means more money !

If you play your cards right you can get most of his property , get a big fat cheque each month and sit on your bum and live the dream that all women wanted in the first place. To be a stay at home mother , not have to work and be financially stable. but there is a problem here .. the children have been alienated from their poor broke father who for some reason is too shamed to be in their life when oppressed by the clutches of a women's revenge tactics. Then they say ... see its all their fault for not being there for his children ... the defective Responsibility Gene kicks in ,... and we are left holding the smoking gun.

We can see this in pregnancy too .. women really love to make it all about the man , and its his fault for getting her pregnant.. I mean come on , if I had a womb and knew I could get pregnant and have to conceive a child I would not be letting ANYONE in there unless I had some idea they were of good character or at least have a plan for the future that is MUTUAL. Women for gods sake you cant use the excuse of " he said he would pull out " when for the last 2000 years its not been a good bet.. get real honestly take responsibility and realise its YOUR JOB to vet the people you let inside you. The worst thing is the kind of sap that would say " Yeah ill pull out " and then doesn't is an idiot in the first place and you just let an idiot impregnate you ! who is the dumb arse now ? Yes , ill be the first to admit there are male idiots out there , we are not perfect , the difference is we acknowledge stupidity , as men we have to in order to improve our process.

But the responsibility is still yours , women of the world , take responsibility for your actions. improve the Responsibility Gene and watch men come back to be by your side as the servants we have always been, re instate us as your loving partners and give us our dues and respect we deserve as your protectors and providers, give us back our identity as a beloved father and provider, this is our identity and we would love to get it back , if and when you are ready to take responsibility for what you have done to the sanctity of marriage and family.

Women today ... have you ever seen so many single women/ mothers trying to get a man in their life ? and where are we ? living the bachelor life , having the time of our lives, keeping our properties and toys , not having to surrender our hard earned money and having the most happiness ever recorded in history. Men of the world please consider this, if you are intending or thinking of getting married please hear this. If your woman shows ANY sign of feminist propaganda traits DO NOT MARRY HER ! let her fend for her self , leave her and enjoy your life because she will make you miserable. Bridezilla , its a show about weak men marrying feminist bullies. Take a long hard look at that show and ask your self , does my woman show these tendencies ? If you even remotely say yes , GET OUT AND GET OUT NOW !

Get your Man Ness Back ! Be a man and let her work it out on her own .. that what feminists want don't they ? to do it all them selves.

Best of luck my dear Men , stay strong and be the gentlemen you have always been. Be in love with life , achievement and prosperity.

Mansive Maan

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Post by fschmidt » May 28th, 2014, 12:10 am

I disagree. Men and women have different responsibilities. The responsibilities of women are to raise their children and remain sexually faithful to their husband. The responsibilities of men are to provide for their families and maintain a civilized culture. Because men have utterly failed in their responsibility to maintain a civilized culture, women are also failing in their responsibilities. But the general failure was caused by men. When men fulfill their responsibilities, women also fulfill theirs.
Support morality, support Islam.

Manson Maan
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Post by Manson Maan » May 29th, 2014, 8:47 pm

Its always been something of a mystery to me how women have tried to circumvent responsibility. How can one race of people be so sadly in denial about what they do. Does this lend to the age old fable in the bible that it was woman that was tempted by evil and put us all into Godly retribution ? Is it woman that is the one who for centuries has been the absolute cause of wars and famine world wide ?

Women today are statistically responsible for the consumerism disease of the west. So many sweat shops in India and Asia built soley for the creation of countless dresses and shoes , make ups tested on animals so that women can paint on their deceptive masks, the most beligerant of all women in the world hell bent on greed and totalitarianism , one of the most wealthy land grabbers in the world , The queen her self is on chargers of sexual assault of children.

No my friends the words problems are not that of men, men are generally accountable for their actions , women on the other hand have a long history of doing the evil deed and handing the smoking gun to the men ... Its the defective " Responsibility Gene " at work.

All over the world now women are having illegitimate children to multiple fathers because its good business. They deliberately get pregnant , put you through the courts to pay alimony and collect welfare. This is the most criminal and evil of all acts trading human lives for cash.

Men of the world hear me now. Its your job not to have sex with these weak minded fools , do not even give them the time of day.

They are evil and sick in the mind. They deny even the act is cruel. I even hear them say once we take responsibility then they will ... can you see this illustrates my point precisely, they want pay before they act, then when it comes time to collect they say they have changed their mind ... don't fall for it.

Why do you think the jails are inhabited by men mostly ? its because women get the easy ride, they get off every time and they have the nerve to say , " see , men are violent " what a load of baloney. Women are just as violent as men , even more so with their "Entitlement " badge shining bright and blinding them of reality.

What I have noticed recently is the huge move to dating and marrying European women and women from Asia. You wont get much change by doing this but you will gain one thing, you will have a better chance of getting one that understands gender roles as opposed to this skewed one eyed view western women have today, its still no guarantee but at least they know what men want and aren't ashamed to fulfil their natural duties.

Men take a look at this video , it shows you that the tide is turning now that women are making money the law makers are targeting them too : 0 ) this is great news ! but as you can see women don't get why they should have to pay alimony... its the " Responsibility Gene " kicking in again .. their views have always been one sided ...

Mansive Maan [/i]

Manson Maan
Freshman Poster
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Post by Manson Maan » May 30th, 2014, 3:12 am

As we can see here again women getting upset that they have to pay alimony.

The double standard of the women's defective Responsibility Gene is at play here , you see how devastating alimony is finally and they are only now beginning to realise how much pain and sufferance that have vindictively put on the shoulders of men. How they have single handedly ruined the sanctity of marriage in making men truly fearful of committing, and they should be ! its not the smart money any more until women start to take responsibility for their abusiveness towards men, making men hate women even more, grossly provoking men into
hatred and agitation. This is by far the most dangerous thing of all that is happening on the planet today.

I can imagine women reading all this.. I know , they would think " He is a woman hater " and again as usual they would be wrong. We men , the ones expressing them selves here have a right firstly to do so. You cannot be the pedophile aunt that nobody talks about any more. We are exposing you because we want our non feminist women back. You see men , real men don't look at feminists as women ... real women are womanly .. there is nothing womanly about a feminist. So you can hate all you want on us but we just don't care.

If I was to give one solitary piece of advise to feminists is this , please separate relationship issues from equality issues. Learn forgiveness as opposed to being the most revengeful and eternally grudge bearing monsters you are demonstrating right now. The woman's power is not in physical force its in the mind and power struggles they can put on men vindictively, causing pain and hardship that way.

This is what they are demonstrating is at the core of their make up ... until they take responsibility for that , men will do what they are bred to do .. survive and ignore the cancer and just peacefully keep on keeping on.

Love and hugs

Mansive Maan

Manson Maan
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Post by Manson Maan » June 6th, 2014, 4:01 am

Good Day Fellow Earth Men

Id like to say a hearty hello to our female readers as well.

Today I just wanted to express some thoughts that came up recently, since writing my first post I feel sort of " de programmed " and ill tell you what I mean.. I must admit that what caused me to write my initial post was the result of being put through many unnecessary pains at the hands of women, im not talking about relationship issues or she cheated on me stuff.. that's not what I mean, I mean being properly hit with abuse of the most evil kind. Plotting my demise through lies and deceit to law makers, police and friends. Their Evil doings were worthy of retribution beyond torture.. however I managed to not only stay calm but also forgive them for their evil ways.

You see when you remove your self from a good situation you can have negative repercussions. Its entirely dependant on how much you made her feel special , how much she was in love with you , how much she dreamed of having your children. Then when you take it away they are left with a feeling of being abandoned and women more than men cannot deal with this emotion because traditionally they have always been highly sought after.

What is it that makes her feel like this towards you in the first place ? Well I can tell you that its a combination of things but most importantly if you can make her feel alive. Sex is a big one , if you can make love to a woman and I mean really make love , make her moan , cum for real ( not the fake cum they do when they are bored mind you ) treat them as friends, and never put her first .. women get bored with being number one even tho they say that's what they want , when you give it they lose interest in you.. puzzling yes ?

When a woman lets you into her so deeply that she trusts you then you are not going to be let go of so easily. That's a sacred place for her, more so than men.. and if you abuse that then you deserve what you get. But does that mean they can be evil and retributive ? well lets look at why they are.
Retribution is usually set out by a weaker component of a situation. This weakness is from having the feeling of being powerless.. and nobody likes to feel that way .. so they take revenge in a clandestine manner , sometimes even utilising the favour of men to do their bidding. While this happens every day what doesn't happen with women is forgiveness. They have very hard time forgiving , not all women but most. They are the most vindictive of the two sexes because they are the weakest physically. What this demonstrates is that Men being physically stronger are less likely to engage in evil.. and yes I hear women say , what about rape ? well I can tell you know if women were stronger physically they would be sexually abusing men left right and centre .. the only thing stopping them is that they are weaker physically , so they resort to physical violence and half of all domestic violence is women beating men.

So whats the purpose of this text ? Its strangely a request for women to come to terms of losing sight of their true selves and wanting to get back to their divine essence... what they are demonstrating now is not what women are about , they have been hijacked with Feminism and for evil purposes. Surely we as men can see this .. but the majority of women cannot. So how do we stop this mayhem ?

this is the question I put to you both men and women .. how do we get women to be women again ? how do we reverse the problems of Feminism and whats its done to our feline companions ? As you can see giving in to their relentless and pointless demands has not made them any happier... in fact quite the opposite. I leave this question to you all to ponder .. you don't even need to write a reply. Just think on it and in your mind fantasise of the solutions that benefit all concerned in your most honest heart.

Hugs !

Mansive Maan

Manson Maan
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Post by Manson Maan » June 8th, 2014, 1:28 am

Women and Prostitution.

I was thinking today about women that work as sex givers for cash, we commonly call them " hookers " escorts , prostitutes ( they hate that one ) shaggers , swipe lovers etc etc ..

I was curious about what would push a woman to the extreme and while men would love this job , if they got to have sex with hot chicks mind you , but the truth is the men that use hookers are not usually the Adonis. Granted I have used these services before and it was mostly out of curiosity when I was young. I liked experimenting with different types of women , indian , Asian , surfie , black etc.. and I have to say Asian women were by far the most rewarding in terms of reaction.

Getting back to the problem with prostitution which I attribute to feminism and the result of feminism is why prostitution is at an all time high. The average feminist would tell you that prostitution is the mans fault .. again Responsibility Gene has managed to trick the woman into believing its someone else's fault.

Lets to go Thailand to use an extreme example. Its particularly important to note when you go there there are many many women far out numbering men ... yet most of them have normal jobs and others don't. The weaker woman will go for the easy option even forsaking her own dignity. This is laziness ultimately and a lack of mental resources to think her way out of her financial dilemma because over there the men are not cash card machines .. if a woman cannot pull her weight the men do not care. In Asia if a woman has no value , not ability to work or cook and clean , create a home or be useful in some way he will not stupidly support her. So we see they go the easy road.. \

And yes again I hear the feminist woman choir sing " But men don't supply women with jobs " see what I men ? WE have to do it all for them ... man its hard being a man these days but thankfully we can switch off and go do something more interesting.

If anything is indicative of the sprawling sex trade is that women through feminism have reduced their value so much that all they are good for is a mechanical exchange of sex for money other than that most you them are just not worth having around. Remember the saying " if they didn't have vaginas you would throw rocks at them " this saying is a direct result of what feminism has done to women.

And now women are confused .. because the wall they hit repeatedly being the Responsibility Wall , has no directions written on it. Women have reduced men to a cash card machine and wonder why they get treated like a service. Mind you when a man is met with a woman of substance and soul he is quickly turned on and goes back to being the gentleman .. why ? because he found the anomaly that still exists here .. they are rare , but they exist .. so guys , don't despair ..

The feminist movement goes much deeper than that , it was a deliberate and evil plan thought out by evil men and women to tax women through the guise of entitlement and consumerism. Now our beautiful women have been hijacked by this evil spell they are under ! So women I am writing this for you , I want you to pull head in now and listen to me and stop your sour face for one second ok ?


I want you now to truly take a deep breath in and commit to getting back to your selves. Look inside now and remember the ideal state when you felt most natural , most content and most genuine... remember that feeling , that state of being , that assured feeling that this is who you are , not what you have become. You will now commit to going even further out to re claim your divine goddess by denouncing the material evil that is around you by imagining a beam of light from deep within the core of the earth , go through your mind and out to the centre of the creator universe and keep going till you reach your self again. You will feel all the horrible evil leave you , you may feel nausea as you do this , that's just the evil leaving you as you go further towards the divine self being the life bearing feminie goddess. D0 not stop till you have reached calm.. let go the evil beings that have betrayed and cluttered your being... let them go .. all of them ..

take some time to reflect and solidify, breathe in and say I AM ( insert name ) the Divine Sovereign Feminie , say this with dignity and a true feeling of the divine feminie. Exhale and say WE ARE the Sovereign Humanity. Please open my hart to forgiveness and let me feel a clensing truth flow back into my heart.

Repeat this till you become your good self again.

Love and hugs

Mansive Maan

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Post by Cornfed » June 8th, 2014, 1:39 am

What exactly do you have against p4p? Surely it is the ideal way for men to get sexual release without turning previously wife-material females into worthless sluts and adulteresses and provides a meaningful social role for females unsuited to being wives. It has been one of the hallmarks of successful societies for thousands of years.

Manson Maan
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Post by Manson Maan » June 9th, 2014, 12:42 am

Did I say I was against it ? can you point that out to me please.

Manson Maan
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Post by Manson Maan » June 13th, 2014, 2:50 am

Ok So I had a good read through that post CORNFED and no I didn't mention it but yes I did infer it ... And this is probably my real feeling on the subject.

I ask my self " would I feel good about my sister or mother being a hooker ? " and the answer would be No ! This comes from a distinct feeling that they are being used in a most intimate way for a return that's so trivial or unworthy, so no generally I feel for women that do it but especially those forced into it, that im dead against.

Ask your self the question , would you date or settle down with someone that did that in their past ? that's a hard one to answer...

I have had some experience here... I dated 2 girls that I found out later were at some time hookers.. and I have to say while being fun to be with they were damaged beyond repair psychologically.. as much as they pretended it was ok .. the memories in their head played havock on these poor souls.. I would see them crying for no reason ... usually after sex and they would confide in me it was their memories coming back when they had sex. No I didnt remind them of their past clients ( for those who want to ask such mindless questions )

The mere act of intimacy sometimes brought back memories of encounters that were particularly sad or hurtful. One even admitted when she masturbated sometimes she would stop because of the memories.. So this shows us it plays a very deep sadness in their lives and usually realised well after the event and some sadly whilst they are in the profession.

So what can we do ? not much really unless you know of organised places that force women against their will , then I say blow that shit up !

Without encroaching on free will you cant stop this problem and at the end of the day it boils down to MONEY ! and earing some to survive.

So moving onto other related problems of Men leaving women with kids. This is something I wanted to talk about ... I know my previous posts about not dating women that try to get pregnant to take your money .. But if you do happen to get a nice girl pregnant and she is the real deal , I mean a decent loving girl that dosent do your head in then Man up and look after the child regardless of how you feel about her or the kid. If you knowingly got her pregnant and made a child with full consent then you are obliged to look after , love , educate and cherish that child and mother hopefully as long as you both enjoy each others company.

Yes there are a lot of douche bag men that do this to nice girls. You guys give us a bad name and you should be ashamed of your selves !

Girls you have to take responsibility here in choosing the right guy ! If you meet him and he is using drugs , jacking cars , beating up people .. then theres a good chance he going to stay that way. If that's what you are attracted to then best of luck but id say you are an idiot.


Nothing you can do after .. lift your game and choose wisely , that's the only way to get this problem out of our society and its gonna take a hundred years of smarter thinking before we stop making more idiots.

How do I know all this stuff ? do I really know anything ? Im a good talker yeah ... I guess its experience.. and in the right moments I made the better decision , it wasn't easy but I did it .. thank the gods ! or id be in that crazy f***ed up place too. For those of you in the thick of it .. im sorry to hear it .. I truly am but you going to have to take responsibility for your actions always,.

One thing I always remember is " Dodge the bullet, before the gun goes off "..

Any of you out there that do this can attest that five minutes after its all done you get that feeling that " Thank f**k I didn't go through with it " when the height of emotion is gone you are left with the reality of what you just did so always take 5 and chill or think clearly first !

this can be adapted to any situation ...


Mansive Maan

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Post by nicho12 » June 13th, 2014, 5:34 pm

fschmidt wrote:I disagree. Men and women have different responsibilities. The responsibilities of women are to raise their children and remain sexually faithful to their husband. The responsibilities of men are to provide for their families and maintain a civilized culture. Because men have utterly failed in their responsibility to maintain a civilized culture, women are also failing in their responsibilities. But the general failure was caused by men. When men fulfill their responsibilities, women also fulfill theirs.
Yes, always blame the man, go out to any night club and see what young women are choosing for mates, irresponsible clowns who sell drugs because they want some kind of excitement

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Post by pete98146 » June 13th, 2014, 7:25 pm

Manson Maan
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Post by Manson Maan » June 14th, 2014, 12:19 am

Bill Burr is awesome !

FFWD to 22 20 >

Ner Tekk a TeK a Teka ! LMAO !

Manson Maan
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Post by Manson Maan » June 15th, 2014, 1:18 am

Manson Maan
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I want to touch your breasts !

Post by Manson Maan » June 21st, 2014, 2:17 am

Hello Esteemed lovers of educative purpose and wonderment !

Today I wanted to " touch " on the tender topic of breasts and the relative power they have over us as men. I must admit im a great lover of the breast and how it effects my brain both the big one and the little one.

When you see that perky flesh and the erect nipple you just wanna grab it and get some nourishment ! and yes that's where it all stems from.. Nourishment and Love. That's what we were raised on and its no wonder we want more of it.. the breast , the symbol of nurturing life !

When I was young I was fascinated with breasts .. I often fantasised about walking up to women and touching them , feeling their consistentcy and just generally fondling these wonderful bags of stuff !

I have to say I am inspired to write about this today after seeing a beautiful Russian woman singing in a band last night ! oh wow.. she was the complete hot frikkin babe of the century ! 5.5 , 27 years old , dressed in torn jeans and long auburn hair with green eyes... faaah

and she was cheeky too .. her top .. it just had the slightest sign of a truly perky set of C cup jugs ! they type that would burst if a pin fell on them.. hmmmm

heres a pic of a girl that is almost identicle


what an amazing creature and its making me think that Russia is somewhere id like to move to : 0)

Anyway back to the breast ... I just want to say I love breasts ! and we should celebrate the breast by detaching them from women and looking at them sepperately because we don't want the host spoiling the experience lol ( just kidding , you can stay , if you behave )


Manson Maan
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Post by Manson Maan » June 21st, 2014, 2:24 am

Hang on , now I love indian women ! ... men(7).jpg

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