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Bad Boy Hypothesis and Canadian Question on AW

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Bad Boy Hypothesis and Canadian Question on AW

Post by ChemistJ » May 30th, 2014, 8:09 am

Hello HA, I am a frequent lurker. I am a 21 year old male in Canada and I want to share my observations and question about American Women.

I live in Toronto Canada, which for a masculine male who likes women is like living in Berlin Germany as a Jew. Most women treat men as if they are creeps and rapists, luckily there are a lot of foreign women living in this city, and there are a lot of ethnic communities which don't tolerate feminism. All of my friends whether they be male, female, Asian, Russian agree that Toronto has a negative toxic vibe for dating. All the girls seem to hookup with douchebags.

However my hypothesis is this. Canadian males (including most immigrant children) are neutered. The so called "nice guys" are either so neutered that they are spineless manginas or they are only nice because they expect sexual favours from women which is not nice at all. However these douchebag asshole types are naturally aggressive and dominant, and know how to keep women under control. My hypothesis is that because there are no male role models, there are very few guys who are both sweet kind but dominant and "Alpha" (I hate this word being misused) A man can be sweet, bring flowers, hold doors, pay for a meal, respect a woman's feelings as long as he is dominant and in control of the relationship and sets very clear boundaries. The women really want a man like this but they have to settle for assholes because they do need a dominant man. The equivalent is a man would like a sweet feminine hot lady, not a sweet fatty, but will settle for a bitchy hot woman if he has the chance.

I used to lay most of the blame on females for their terrible preferences, but after seeing how spineless American and Canadian men are in there relationships, I have very little sympathy and I understand why AW are disgusted by "nice guys". This no way excuses women's terrible attitudes towards men and being a dominant man is a liability but one I must take. When I was in NYC i saw a woman being beaten in a subway platform probably by her BF but no men intervened except me and my buddy. Women may make terrible decisions but it is our role as men to protect them regardless no strings attached. I can't believe that I a 5'4 kid had to step in when 35 year old American "men" will not defend there own women from assault, no matter how spoiled they are, as men we need to show them masculinity. Feminism is misogynistic, because it hates femininity and everything female. Most men and surprisingly a lot of women I've met tell me behind closed doors how much they hate feminism. I found 3 hot drunk girls in the park and they were generally surprised that I insisted to walk them home even though they claimed they could take care of themselves, feminism tried to delude these girls into borderline suicidal behaviour. I could see how grateful they were that I was masculine and took charge of the situation, reassuring them I would get them home safely.

Since I have changed my attitude I find I no longer hate women. I think all women are beautiful but toxic ideologies have taken root and we must guide our women back to reality. Im all for Women's rights but that is not what feminism stands for. I blame men for feminism because it is only through the power of white knights and manginas that this ideology has any power.

Toronto women are the most despicable women on the planet, but you guys claim that AW women are terrible. I have been corresponding with an AW I met on Skype. She embodies several tropes that I see complained about on this forum, she is hot at least a 7+, she is Bipolar maniac, and she was a former stripper. She tells me all about how men bend over backwards to look at there body and how she laughs at them. But underneath all that she is one of the sweetest girls I know. She just needs dominance and a man who will act like a man to her, and she admits this. She claims men only care about her body and no one really wants to know her as a person. She is very well read and we often discuss philosophy together. She is shocked and disgusted by the women in Toronto, and claims that I would do very well with AW. I wonder if after living in this shithole even AW would be kittens and easy for me, or maybe the stuff I read on here is hyperbole. However she claims that I am "hot, good looking guy" and this probably plays a role. Here in Toronto though I make almost six figures last year and I work out and have a good face I am told and it is still hell for me and my attractive male friends to find women. WTF do these Toronto girls want? even looks aren't good enough anymore it seems.

Im planning to travel foreign exchange as soon as I finish my probation. I was so discouraged by the scene here and women dating bad boys, that I ended up becoming a bad boy and committing criminal acts. Sadly I got a little female attention but now I realize that i should never do that for women. They tell me I still have a "bad boy" aura that is sexy but even this does not get me enough attention. I can only conclude Toronto is f***ed I can't wait to leave. I just want to be a sweet dominant guy who is kind and genuine with a little bit of bad boy aura (i like to use some drugs, drink, bondage etc) but I want to be genuine kind and sweet.

Ive found by being dominant and not taking feminist crap I get hate from feminists and manginas but I don't care as I am dating a 7+ chick and she is totally fine with me being polygynous, I am going to ask out some more girls next week. Does anyone agree that if you are dominant you can do as you wish with women? Does anybody else have any experience in the Sahara that is Toronto. Can you give me some advice on doing a foreign exchange maybe in Eastern Europe, or taking a trip to the Philippines?

Sorry for such a long post, just wanted to rant and I want to know experienced peoples opinions of my hypothesis and experience. Wish you all well happier abroad. Don't let the Feminists and Manginas keep you down!
I've always been different, ever since I can remember. Ive always been an honest, decent guy but in this culture that is a liability. On the flip I tend to have an anger problem. Im 5'4, 145 lbs, a little more on the muscular side, and my background is Russian and Polish Jewish. The irony my family left those countries to find better opportunities for there kids and now I consider returning...

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