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Things I hate about America

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Post by starchild5 » June 8th, 2014, 2:13 pm

nicho12 wrote:
starchild5 wrote:On a ground level....Being from India....White People I have observed are a different race than rest of humanity and if we delve into conspiracy that lame stream media refuse to acknowledge ..There resonance frequency matches more with Mars than earth...Google it...

Everyone tries to copy white culture and fail miserably at it....We all over do it :) ...All immigrants misunderstand the concept of freedom that white culture provides...

Thank god someone is talking about waving flags in America of the country they came from..It look sooo stupid....Indians also do this, Filipinos, Koreans...everyone does this in America...celebrate their some shity festivals in America to look more proud...I used to get irritated with this waving flag thingy when i was 15 years old..and i used to tell my parents...why are Indians doing this in another country....if Americans did that in India...they would be put in prison...

The immigrants aka other races Just don't get white people......They don't value what you value most...They totally misunderstand what you do and copy it and fail miserably to look most blacks, latinos, Asian Americans do.....There is no class, no good vibe...even my grand mother used to feel it...and make fun of it..when they showed it on our local TV some events.....Its just the Vibe....everyone feels it...

White people have now more respect for remote tribes in Africa and Amazons who are bare naked and barely speak any language than Immigrants in America :lol:

There is this sense of discipline, honesty, sincerity and lack of respect in all other races....They do everything else but does not want to embed the inner core of white a result they become shallow, fake...When white guys go wild and party..There is still some class but when others do it...The vibe just does not sync well...

We should stick to what we are then we will have more respect from white dominated countries....

Winston....became what he is..because he adopted to white culture and understood it..if he was to remain in one would have known him..If he was to immigrate to India....:lol: ..He would have been just a number...same in Japan, Korea, Africa...I cannot think of any other place than white dominated country that would have made Winston what he is today...

FREEDOM....which is what white culture explore who you truly are...


However, on a higher level....All humanity is manipulated by darker forces....white race shouldn't even be on earth...we are all being manipulated and are on a different evolutionary scale....all white race should be at a separate planet ...all blacks should be at a separate planet, all Asian too etc...we all are evolving to best of our abilities and the darkness agenda is precisely to mix us up in the name of multiculturalism with the end results that we all end up being f**cked....

and the worse is even when we try to come together..It gives us a worse platform with money as a base to relate with....


On a darker level....

Just skip it.....The darkness has already made programs to make your life more miserable....make no mistake....white, black, Asians....The end is not they always say it in reverse....It is taking us to a place...where our misery will be 100 fold....if you think your life is miserable in will get worse....on planet earth....

You need to think on a galactic level....join forces...its very much ok...if you only go with whites or blacks or Asians or be alone :)....racism is the least thingy we need to worry now....There are much much higher forces at play in coming times....The problem you face from humanity should be least of your worries.
first of all what is white dominated culture?
It is precisely what you asked with a question....Even with all police state, NWO, elite control etc...White dominated countries are far more free than other countries.

1. On many points I cannot argue/question certain things like Gandhi was a British Agent...The entire freedom movement in India was a controlled fake opposition.

2. In Islamic dominated countries...You cannot question Islam .....

3. In South East Asian countries you cannot question Kings, heads of state, communist regimes etc...

4. Philippines has one of the highest murder rates of journalist, radio host in the world...Because They question the status quo..

In the west...You are allowed to question a lot more things than many other countries...You are allowed to do lot more things when majority are white people than dominated by other races....

For example..Winston got equal or more flake from Asian Americans than white Americans...Most Asian Americans were more critical of Winstons lifestyle than white Americans...I don't know if he has posted it, but very few if any in Taiwan would be able to even understand his values, concept and theories in Taiwan anymore...only place he would get recognition, a platform to address who he is will only be in white dominated countries.

All these development of China and Asia won't be able to absorb folks like Winston...Its all useless, shallow and fake....The deep meaningful expression of human values will never ever be addressed outside of white dominated countries and Winston is the living proof

Many Europeans have acknowledged Winston as the most non-white European they ever met..Most of his works were recognized by White guys more than Asians..

We already know how shitty America is and how fast Europe is deteriorating however, it still much better than darkness which have taken over rest of the world......

The immigrants use that freedom for all wrong reason like waving flag :), being extra proud of their home culture in western countries...and the worse part is they don't propagate that freedom onto others...As soon as they gain some power in western countries..They become As**holes and try to control everything around them, becoming leaders of their small communities and curtailing further freedom in the west

If you are non-white having lived in freedom curtailing would understand it much better...

Its not economics because Japan is equally developed but I don't think Winston would have made it there with his point of view...

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Post by starchild5 » June 8th, 2014, 2:25 pm

I, my brother and friends have worked with bosses from all races and we all agree that white bosses are the best....

We know all CEOs are a**h**les ...however for medium scale, small companies....working under a white boss is 100 times better than anyone else...

Being in a third world countries we all had nightmares working under our own countrymen....Asian Americans...They all show fake love but screw you when you are most vulnerable ...

Basically, what is happening is many white folks have realized the con on earth and are trying to evolve and this darkness is stopping you through us from third world countries in the name of multi-culturalism...

I know my kind....We are gone and they are trying to pull you down as well ....Its much much worse than it is made out to be...


Now you see..If I say this in forums dominated by Indians or Asians..They will say..I'm white washed...I like kissing white A**....They just don't get it....Its sad...many refuse to evolve....They make everything as RACISM ...They don't want to look beyond RACISM ....we as Species on different scale of evolution

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Post by Zero_Tolerance_Man » June 8th, 2014, 8:33 pm

zboy1 wrote:Haha!!!!!!!!!

Great list, Robert77.

You're right when you say that every city and town in America 'looks the same': it's the homogeneity of American culture that pisses me off, more than anything else...

I especially liked what you wrote about entitled, racist White Americans, and angry Black Americans.

I'll add Asians, Jews and Hispanics to the list (just so no one says I'm picking on any one race...)

Asian Americans: totally selfish, materialistic and money grubbing; Asian women are slutty, and self-hating, and do nothing but put Asian American men down--even though they act like total White-worshipping bitch*s half-the time. Conversely, Asian American men are emasculated, naive, and completely in-denial about their state-of-affairs in the country...

Hispanic Americans: The 'Mecha' and 'La Raza' types are literally overtaking the Southern parts of the United States and the country, in general, with dire consequences for the future of the country. Hispanic immigrants tend to ruin neighborhoods with their ghetto, cholo gang culture. That, plus all the illegals flooding into the country--helps to drag down the wages of hard-working Americans and allows Latinos to take all the low-paying jobs with them...which screws-it-up for High School graduates and non-skilled American workers the most...

Jewish Americans: Can't stand JAPS(Jewish American Princesses). Can't stand Jewish men, either; most of them are downright deceitful and greedy--just like Asians. Plus Zionists are ruining America and destroying most of the Western world as well...

Muslim Americans: Why the hell are we allowing these people into the country--when their religion stands for everything that is against the Constitution of the United States? They're flooding the Western world in large numbers--yet, seemingly hate the West at the same time; they're a great danger to Western civilization and society, and I'm glad the Europeans are starting to wake-up to that fact!

I'm glad I'm out of the hellhole known as the "U.S. of Gay," coined by our infamous resident-in-cheif, E_Irizzary. LOL!
I agree with your assessment of JAPS but don't put Jewish men in your toilet of $hit. I happen to be Jewish and I am nothing like you describe. I hate Jewish women, and am basically MGTOW at this point. Don't blame your problems on the Jews. Everyone F*CKED up this world, not just the Jews.

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E Irizarry R&B Singer
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Post by E Irizarry R&B Singer » June 8th, 2014, 10:23 pm

S_Parc wrote:
E Irizarry R&B Singer wrote:
S_Parc wrote:
E Irizarry R&B Singer wrote:it's still in heavy rotation as it were Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon album!!!!!
Speaking of Floyd, the biggest mistake they made was not to call it quits with 'The Wall'.

One can't go from a pure classic album to a bunch of mediocre followups, in such a short period of time.
Now wait a minute, "The Wall" is a classic. It's just not at the tier that DSOTM was at.
KIZZ should have called it quits after "I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night"...when Paul Stanley became the lead in the 80s and dropped
the make-up, I was like, "What type of s.hit is this?"

LOL I had to quid-pro-quo ya, man.
C'mon Kiss? That band is like the Sha Na Na of glam rock :wink:

Here's Pink Floyd, post psychedelic Syd Barrett era ...

Meddle -- not quite a classic but exceptional, 4 out of 5 stars
Dark Side of the Moon --- one of the greatest albums of all time, 5+ stars out of 5
Wish You Were Here --- classic album, 5 out of 5 stars
Animals --- excellent, all around greatness, 5 out of 5 stars
The Wall --- one of the best double CD concept albums, also 5 out of 5 stars

And that's the point where they needed to quit.

Then, comes

Final Cut --- 2.5 out of 5 stars, boring
Momentary Lapse of Reason --- 2 out of 5 stars, a real snooze-a-thon
Division Bell --- 2 out of 5 stars, a complete rip off of all their prior material

That's a true fall from grace. If they'd broken up right around the time of 'The Wall', they would get a legacy like Buddy Holly or the Beatles. Ppl have always asked, what if Buddy Holly didn't get on that plane on that February day? What if the Beatles had stayed together? Unfortunately, no one will ever ask that question about Floyd.
Okay, okay. You pwned me. Geesh. LOL
It's time to expatriate to evade your fate; it's time to expatriate before the barn door permanently closes on "US" sheep.
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Post by celery2010 » June 9th, 2014, 2:52 am

Things i hate:

1. Cost of Education: Some schools now cost 100K per YEAR. That is insane.
2. Cost of Healthcare. Only in America could you save money your whole life and lose it all due to bad luck.
3. Lawsuits: Only in America, could you lose everything you own from a lawsuit

4. Prison: If you are white or asian, getting a prison sentence can be downright dangerous. And lots of people are locked up, basically for no reason.

Which leads to:

4. Laziness= Regulations: People who have management positions who aren't actually qualified to do their job, so they just follow regulations. Perfect example: school testing. Incompetent teachers? Follow the rules and teach the test material.
Another example: prison sentences. Can't solve crime problems? Just put the offenders in prison for life.

5. People have no cares about anything but money. Will sell out their social life and community so they can have a McMansion and 3 cars.

6. No connection. Since our country is so big, people move all over. After high school, no stays in touch. After you get married, you basically lose all your male friends. In a smaller country like say Belgium, there's only a few places to live, so you'd run into people you know and have friends from high school, college, etc.
7. No male friends for men after marriage. Italians, Latinos and Asians have good friendships after marriage. After guys get married in America, their wife won't let them have any friends.

1. Racial segregation leads to lack of vibrant cities

2. If you want to live in a vibrant city, you basically need to live in NYC, LA, SF, Toronto, where it is difficult to live, expensive, fraught with racial tensions.

3. Lack of human contact. If you live in the burbs, and work a job the only people you may see are work associates and your family. That's why so many people join churches, to meet people.

4. Too many people with no knowledge of the outside world, but this is getting better with the Internet and the increasing internationalization of America.

5. Ridiculous partisan politics.

6. a culture that is "different" from almost everywhere else in the world

7. Control of the culture by the Jews who are determined to undermine society to their benefit

8. Men who care about how they look are considered "gay". Universal healthcare is communism. Europeans are considered "gay communists".

9. Fractured society. No cohesion due to the high levels of diversity.

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Post by skateboardstephen » June 9th, 2014, 11:36 pm

Robert77 wrote:Latinos in America are irritating I agree

1. they think latin america is a race and they belong to it. (in reality there is a huge amount of racial differences among latin americans, Ive been to parts of latin america where everyone is white, other parts where everyone is black, others are mestizo filled)

2. they know nothing of latin america, but will school you even on latin american countries they have no relation to (like I had this american fat salvadorean origin chic trying to teach me about Argentina, a country that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON with el salvador), she just thought she'd knew more because her grandparents are salvadorean and argentina happens to be in latin america just like el salvador, even though el salvador is mostly native american and argentina is vastly european and 5000 miles apart.) little she knows Ive been to Argentina.

3. most US latinos think they belong to some sort of race that hails from latin america and when they visit they realize the ethnicities they come from are often looked down upon in the countries of their ancestors.... like some indigenous looking mexican thinking he represents latin america, not realizing that his ethnicity is highly discriminated against in mexico by middle class whiter mexicans.

4. 90% of latinos hail from puerto rico, mexico yet they will yap about brazil, colombia, chile, argentina etc.
You hit the nail on the head with this one. "Latinos"(when I say Latinos I mean Americans who have never been to Latin America but think they are special because their parents or grandparents have national heritage in Latin America) are annoying as hell.
1.They think that just because they can trace their heritage back to ONE country in Latin America that they know every damn thing about ALL 26 Latin American countries. Latinos in the U.S. don't even know that there are 26 Latin countries because they tend exclude all the French speaking countries as Latin countries or part of the "Latino club" despite the fact that it was France that coined the term "Latin America" and French is a Latin based language yet they claim Brazil as Latin country but Brazilians don't even share a common language with the rest of Latin America. I have been living in Brazil for quite some time now and there are even Mexicans on-line trying to tell me they know more about a country they never even been to.
2.Latino is nothing but another special interest group in the U.S. for the left to use as a political pawn to piss off the right.
3.How the heck can someone immigrate to another country illegally(I know not all do but a lot do) then demand rights or demand reform for a law you are already breaking????Then refuse to learn the language of the land, depress wages, be a fiscal burden, be so flagrantly nationalistic,and then expect the locals in said country to like you??I just don't understand that logic. I also don't understand this ethnocentrism and need to publically display "pride". I'm not saying one should forget their roots, but come on!!!If your country is so much better then why don't you live there???
se eu soubesse o que eu sei hoje, teria mando mulheres americanas para foder-se há muitos anos.que deus abençoe o brasil!

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