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Single American Moms

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Post by DanielleNguyen » July 18th, 2014, 4:12 am

Well if you want me to answer you honestly. I don't know why she married my dad. Apparently he was nice in the beggining..point being I was born, she wised up and left.

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Re: Single American Moms

Post by Zionosis » July 18th, 2014, 4:59 am

Taco wrote:
Hero wrote:
Taco wrote:[he's less likely to get false charges brought against him too.
I was watching this show called "Divorce Wars" on CNBC, and they documented the case of one woman who actually downloaded child p**n onto her husband's laptop to get him thrown in jail. Luckily the husband was able to hire a bunch of experts who were able to prove that the p**n was downloaded at a time when the husband was out of town; but those experts cost the husband tens of thousands of dollars. If he hadn't had the means to defend himself, he would have been utterly destroyed. Oh by the way, no criminal charges were brought against his wife.
Someone can hack your computer any time and download child p**n on to it and you won't even know its hidden in some zip file until your travelling through an airport and security checks your laptop you get arrested.
Not necessarily. Depends how insecure your computer is. Also I have been though the airport with my laptop here in Australia and they never checked anything.
I highly doubt that anywhere they would take your laptop at the airport and go though all your stuff. I have never heard of anything like that happening.
Virtually if they did do that no one would take their laptop because many people have illegal downloads of many things whether it be software or a game or a movie or porn movies or even the OS itself.

As far as the stupid woman not getting into trouble for downloading child porn on her husbands computer and then telling the police he has it on there. That is BS she should have in fact got jail time because that would have destroyed that man if he didn't prove his innocence.
I guess it's just like women that falsely accuse men of rape and get caught out to be lying don't typically get in any trouble either.

Us men have let the laws get this retarded though. Women obviously love it because they can do many things without getting punished but I think that most men don't fight it because most men don't even know about these laws and cases because they are too busy doing other stuff that to pay attention to the laws and feminism and such. The result of their ignorance is that the laws get even worse.

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Single American Moms

Post by Vegascook » July 19th, 2014, 4:51 am

About half of the women I have dated have been single mothers. Typically they're single for one or two reasons. First reason is that they didn't put forth the effort to know the man before things got serious. As a result of this the woman ends up with a deadbeat dad that doesn't take responsibility. The second reason is that the woman dumps a decent man because it's to her advantage in some way. Child support, trading up, cheating with another man, or government entitlements are a few of the ways it's beneficial for an AW to dump a good husband and father. Let's not forget that they legal system always favors the woman unless she's quite literally a crack whore who gets caught breaking the law. Every single mother I've dated has verbally bashed her ex AKA the child's father. It's also worth mentioning that single mothers are more likely to expect a man to jump through hoops and prove himself just because they have made poor dating decisions in regards to men. AW do not take responsibility for choosing losers and often categorize all men as liars, cheaters, and degenerates until "proven otherwise." I don't feel the need to prove myself to anyone, especially someone who constructively admits to being a lousy judge of character. Single mothers are more high maintenance than the typical AW.

Lastly a warning to any man considering adopting a child after marrying a single mother. DON'T DO IT! The adopting paperwork makes you legally liable for child support for a child fathered by another man. I've known about a dozen men who have fallen for this trick and paid dearly for it. The one guy raised three children who weren't his, paid their way through college, and was rewarded with a divorce that cost him half his net worth ($500,000).

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