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Does mangina and sycophant mean the same thing?

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Does mangina and sycophant mean the same thing?

Postby mattyman » June 21st, 2014, 10:10 am

I often see complained-about guys grovelling to women, treating women like they're on a pedestal, or have special powers.

Some examples I can think of are guys begging to buy girls drinks in bars, guys posting lots of likes on facebook to girls that are clearly narcissists. I've seen some of the messages some of my female friends have received on POF and it seriously is rather sad to see.

I mean guys treating women AS IF they have a more rights than men, as if they have special privileges and exemptions from normal civility, just for being another sex.

Do many of you guys here think that sycophantic grovelling is part of the problem as to why too many western, and westernised women are becoming so vain and narcissistic?
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