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Do foreign men have higher standards?

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Do foreign men have higher standards?

Post by Array9 » July 1st, 2014, 12:16 am


This post is not meant to slam any guys on this forum who are married to or in a relationship with a woman who has children from another man. I also have close friends that married women with children from previous relationships.

This is not something that I would do but every man has the free will to do what he thinks will make him happy.


A few years ago I met a girl online from the Philippines who was really pretty. She had a child out of wedlock but I didn't look down on her because of it. I met her family and had a good time with her. Anyway, when I returned to the states, we continued to communicate every other day. One day, she totally disappears and was M.I.A. for like five months. I tried to call her but she would never pick up. She finally comes back online and tells me that she got pregnant...again.

As the story goes, she went to a party, got drunk and spread her legs for some local dude. Bang. Now she is pregnant with her second child from two different guys. I was totally disgusted with her and lost all respect for her. All she could say was 'I'm sorry'. Anyway, we continued to talk for a few months and then I lost contact with her after her pregnancy. She was never my gf but someone I wanted to get to know.

As you can guess, neither guy wants anything to do with her. So she is left as a single mother of two children with different sp*rm donors. I consider her to be damaged beyond repair. In fact, I was told that Filipino men absolutely would NOT consider for marriage or even bring girls like her around their families. In other countries where I have traveled, men without children usually don't marry women that already have children.

I feel that many single mamas are online looking for a western man because local guys consider them to be damaged goods.

It seems to me that western men are more open to this arrangement. Due to this and other experiences, I would never consider a woman with a child again.

Another thing I noticed is that I rarely hear guys in the west demand a virgin to marry. A virgin is almost an expectation in many cultures.

My question is do foreign men have higher standards than western men when it comes to the women they marry?
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Re: Do foreign men have higher standards?

Post by Cornfed » July 1st, 2014, 12:23 am

Array9 wrote:My question is do foreign men have higher standards than western men when it comes to the women they marry?
Of course they do because applying any sorts of behavioral standards to Western pig women would exclude virtually all of them.

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