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How many people on here really believe that "Paloaltogu

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How many people on here really believe that "Paloaltogu

Postby Zionosis » Sun Jul 27, 2014 7:30 am

Well I am just curious about how many of you on here believe this guy really has an IQ of 180.

If it's true then he is 1 in over 20 million people and smarter than Einstein, Copernicus, Darwin, Bill Gates, Watt, Freud, Plato.
Do you really believe him?
Do you believe some random black guy claiming on a forum that he is smarter than those geniuses and in reality an IQ of 180 is only 1 in 20.6 million people.

The chances of someone being born with an IQ of 180 is 0.0000048316%. It's in fact so rare that even many geniuses aren't quite 180 like those men I listed above.

Most of the things he has written on this forum and tried to look smart about he is technically wrong about and doesn't even understand what he was talking about.
So what do you guys think.

So if he really is 1 in over 20 million then he could easily be smarter than the whole population of many countries according to his claim. He could be smarter than every person in Austria or Switzerland.
According to probability there are only around 338 people with IQ's like that out of all 7 billion people on the planet. And this idiot here is meant to be one of them? Really? WTF. Do you seriously believe that?
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